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Case Study: BEGG. Brand Packaging and Web Design for Food Product Ecommerce

Check the creative flow for bright and functional design for marketing: packaging design, web design, original graphics, and motion for the niche food product brand.

Let us give you a glance at another bright design project from our team, this time touching one of the most essential and most sincere of human loves – the love for food. In this case study, we are uncovering the catchy and original website and packaging design for the marketing campaign of the niche food product. Enjoy!

egg product ecommerce packaging design


Packaging design, web design, original graphics, and motion for the food product brand based on eggs.

The creative team working on that project from the tubik team included Anton Morozov, Arthur Avakyan, Kirill Yerokhin, Ernest Asanov, and Vlad Taran.

Creative Solutions

Whatever is the marketing goal behind the particular campaign, it should stand solidly on two foundation stones: the nature of the product and the customer’s problem it solves. In this case, the focus was on one particular type of product able to serve different cooking goals, a special type of liquid eggs. So, instead of diversity that often determines design solutions in different types of commerce providing various offers, this time, the design team had to solve an interesting problem of a deep, emotional, convincing, and comprehensive presentation of quite an innovative and narrow type of product. One of the major goals of the design was to make the brand stand out from the crowd in the extremely competitive market sector of food products.

The first task to work on for BEGG egg product was to consider a packaging design that would combine emotionality and functionality and would work effectively both in tangible and digital environments. The design search resulted in a bright concept based on the combination of typical egg colors – yellow and white – and its solid contrast with black, used for graphic and text content. The main visual element is the custom illustration of a chicken that instantly connects the customer to the theme and informs about the nature of the offered product, as well as adds style and emotion to the general design concept. Another interesting point to mention is the combination of fonts: attractive bold and sans-serif and decorative hand-written versions of Summer Loving typeface for the elements of brand communications such as titles or taglines and the stylish, highly readable GT America for information blocks about the product.

egg product packaging graphic design

food product ecommerce packaging design

urban_poster_mockup food ecommerce

Let’s see how the brand approach got developed into the web design. Friendly and bright colors, inspirational packaging design, stylish typography, a mix of various types of images, and smooth motion make the customer experience enjoyable from the first seconds. The content is separated into skimmable and not-overloaded sections that feature different approaches to data visualization, such as infographics, tags, tables, text bulk sets, informative icons, etc.

egg ecommerce web design tubik studio

In this web design project, one of the key aspects that activates the wow-effect and makes the interactions engaging and impressive is web animation. For example, the first touchpoint – the above-the-fold part of the home page – uses the counter to show page loading progress and the effect of the blurred background that gets unblurred after the page is fully loaded and the product moves to the foreground.

Another section of the web page features the full-screen hero animation of a big set of eggs, this way dynamically setting the theme from the first second and attracting attention.

Another interaction point where the motion adds fun and liveliness to the functionality is the interactive menu page: the image of the product packaging turns each time user hovers a particular category.

The e-commerce egg product website uses the animated image of the brand mascot and funny chicken used on packaging and branded materials. This way, it not only adds fun but also supports growing brand recognizability through the memorable character integrated into the product identity and keeps the whole customer experience consistent. Also, the prominent text block on the section inviting to the database of the recipes uses the trendy underlayer photo effect.

And here’s a glance at the mobile version of the website aiming at keeping the consistency, attractiveness, and functionality, whatever device customers choose for visiting.

egg product mobile website

mobile website food ecommerce egg product

This project was obviously another great chance for our design team to try creative ideas and design practices for the market segment with an extremely high level of competition, from the perspective of the commercial goals of connecting tangible and digital experiences to make them work consistently and efficiently in any environment and touchpoint with the customer.

egg product website design tubik

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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