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Case Study Illustration

Case Study: CUBE. Illustration Set for Video Production Company

Case study on a set of digital illustrations for a video production company CUBE: check a diversity of people characters and informative graphics supporting the brand image.

Let us unveil one more project on illustration for marketing and UX design: we’ve created a set of digital artworks for CUBE, a video production company. The illustration set features a diversity of people characters and informative graphic details supporting the brand image and visualizing creative processes. Review and enjoy!

Client and Project

CUBE is a video production agency that provides business owners with videos helping them get better recognized and get results. They produce diverse types of video content: live-action filming, 2D animation, 3D visualization, metahumans, and more, covering every part of the production process, from briefing to delivery. The team wanted to supplement their brand style with a series of digital illustrations that would tell their clients more about creative processes and support brand communication in an emotional and friendly way.

The tubik illustrator assigned for this project was Yaroslava Yatsuba, supported by project manager Yana Potapovych.


Having approached tubik, the CUBE team already had a developed brand identity, the website, and blog, so they strived to add to them another element of visual identity: custom illustrations and graphic elements that would support brand communication in the blog and social networks, and that’s what they expected to collaborate with us on. Firstly, they wanted to get artworks that would echo their existing brand style and visually illustrate core points for some of their articles.

So, the illustrator offered to try the style typical for flat magazine illustrations using a limited color palette of brand colors. All article illustration sets were united with one general algorithm: they contained one hero illustration with the composition of characters and a quite detailed background and two images with one character and some objects mentioned in the article. As photographic references, the artist used the client’s website to dive into the techniques and the atmosphere of the company workflow and processes.

Traditionally, the actual design process started with developing the composition and general idea from the stage of quick sketching, which is also an excellent way to share the general idea with the client before moving to the more detailed and polished version of the illustration. Below we will show the way from the sketch to the final artwork.

cube video blog illustrations case study sketch

cube video illustrations case study 1

cube video blog illustrations case study sketch 1

cube video blog illustrations case study 4

cube video blog illustrations case study 1

cube video illustrations case study 2

Here’s a look at more illustrations for CUBE articles: keeping the consistent style and palette, they reflect different stages of video production processes, essential factors and details influencing creative flow, setting the solid foundation for the visual storytelling wrapped in bright and eye-pleasing flat graphics.

cube video blog illustrations case study

cube video blog illustrations case study

cube video blog illustrations case study 2

cube video blog illustrations case study 1

And here, you’re welcome to glance at a piece of video capturing some episodes of the illustration process.

Another task from the client was to illustrate the CUBE work principles and values. To make this set of artworks emotional and personalized, the illustrator decided to integrate the dog that could be seen on the CUBE Instagram. It is positioned as an inspiring part of the team and featured in the welcome video, so it was also featured in the illustrations to keep brand communication united and integral.

cube video blog illustrations case study sketches

cube video blog illustrations case study 5

cube video blog illustrations case study 6

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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