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Case Study: Bennett. Identity and Website Design for Tea Brand

Enjoy the taste of elegance: check the design story about the identity and e-commerce website creation for Bennett Tea, from the early idea to implementation.

According to Lao Tzu, tea is the elixir of life, so let us offer you a sip of tea elegance packed in design. While most of our case studies tell you the design stories based on business ideas, but this time we will tell you about the business idea originating from the simple creative spark inspired by daily moments. Welcome to check the design story about the identity and e-commerce website creation for Bennett Tea.


Bennett is a modern brand offering users high-quality tea for different tastes. It produces various worldwide popular beverages, such as black tea, herbal tea, green tea, decaffeinated tea, iced tea, and seasonal tea. The brand is positioned on the crossroads of hot trends and classic traditions and transfers the idea of elite, exclusive products which are about the lifestyle and mood rather than just a drink.

The creative team of tubik designers for this project included Ernest Asanov, Alexey Dubrov, Vlad Taran, and Kirill Erokhin.

bennett_tea_tubik webdesign

Identity Design

Logo design for Bennett is based on the symbol which presents a combination of shapes sharing the visual metaphors of a teal leaf, an eye, and a teacup seen from above. The sign is harmonically combined with a typographic part that features the brand name presented in an elegant and minimalist manner.

bennet tea logo design

The brand identity that had to stretch to the e-commerce website design is rooted in the creative spark that is sometimes hidden in the simplest things. It started when designer Ernest Asanov got inspired by the photo of neatly collected tea leaves and started developing the idea. In identity design, it got transformed into the graphic pattern and later the set of patterns applied to packaging and branded items. In website design, the idea to feature realistic images of tea leaves turned into a video used on the product page.

bennett tea pattern design

bennett tea graphic design patterns tubik blog

Here’s how the graphic patterns became the basis for packaging design and stylish paper cups.

tea brand packaging design tubik

bennett tea brand cups design

From the packaging perspective, one more important design task was creating an informative label that corresponds with the general stylistic concept and keeps consistency across a variety of packaging options. The label design carefully arranges a lot of text content about the particular tea blend to make it readable and straightforward; it looks original and trendy due to typeface choice and enhances perception with neat and clear line icons. The front label contains only key information and focuses buyers’ attention on it without distracting or overloading them with too many details, while the back label presents much more detail.

bennett tea packaging design case study tubik

packaging design case study bennett tea tubik

As a part of identity design and brand communication, special branded envelopes and business cards were also developed to echo the style.

bennett tea branding design tubik blog

Web Design

The website design approach starts from the home page which uses typography as its primary and only tool for informing and impressing visitors. No photos, no illustrations, only the elegantly wrapped text content setting the mood and call-to-action button seen at once and inviting the visitor to check the range of the offered products. Product pages instantly connect to the tea theme and set the emotional and aesthetic appeal due to the video of tea leaves scattered from the top of the screen.

Here’s a closer look at the interaction with product cards in the tea store. The layout is built on bright and bold color combinations for the backgrounds, effectively highlighting various products in different packaging colors. Split screen, sophisticated geometry, smooth animation, and original typography – that’s what the designer chose for this case of web layout. The text information is organized in boxes, forming a sort of asymmetric grid.

To keep up with the external consistency and recognizable mental patterns of commerce website users, the website uses a stylish and minimalist sticky header, with the brand element in the center, links to core navigation in the left part, and a shopping bag button in the right corner. The latter uses the visual marker accented by color to let visitors quickly see if they already have something in their shopping bag.

The live Bennett Tea website was fully implemented on Webflow: for our team, it was a great chance to try how it works for non-standard design aimed at e-commerce objectives.

To make the website look good and work effectively on the various devices, the designers worked out the mobile version of the website.

bennett_tea_tubik mobile design

The website got positive feedback from the global design community, having got three awards on Awwwards: Site of the Day, Mobile Excellence, and Developer Award, proving once again that Webflow allows for effective implementation of projects of different complexity and non-standard design solutions.

Stay tuned; new case studies are coming soon!

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