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Case Study: Real Bitcoin. Creating Website Illustrations

Case study on the diversity of digital illustrations for the website of Real Bitcoin, a service helping understand, buy and sell bitcoins, learning more about the crypto world.

Let us unveil another recent project: we’ve created a set of diverse digital artworks for the website of Real Bitcoin, a service helping working people from different social groups to understand, buy and sell bitcoins as well as learn more about them. The illustration set features a diversity of people characters and informative graphics details supporting the topic. Review and enjoy!

real bitcoin people illustrations case study


Creating a collection of theme illustrations for the Real Bitcoin website devoted to dealing with cryptocurrencies.

The tubik illustrator assigned for this project was Marina Solomennikova, supported by the project manager Nick Zhuravlov.


Using illustrations to enhance user experience design is now a well-checked and effective design practice. Pictures help to transfer the needed messages faster, set the mood, and provide aesthetic satisfaction. For the big pack of Real Bitcoin website illustrations, it was essential to stick to the following principles reflected in all the artworks:

  • consistency: reflecting a variety of ideas, messages, and compositions, used across the different website pages, the illustrations keep the consistent style to support the integrity of user experience
  • informativeness: all the illustrations aim to transfer or enhance a particular message, help present the benefits of the service
  • emotionality: the style, color palette, visual metaphors, and characters in the illustration pack empower the emotional appeal as a part of user experience

People Illustrations

Real Bitcoin is the platform connecting people to quite a virtual topic and highly technological theme of cryptocurrencies. What’s more, their target audience is people who are not deeply into the theme of cryptocurrencies yet. So, it was vital for them to add a solid and powerful human element to the first impression and all the experience of dealing with the website and set the quick and clear connection to the world of people, not the digital reality. That’s why a large pack of illustrations with human characters was developed, based on the ideas of diversity and friendliness, communication, and support. With the images on the website pages, the product communicates to the visitors via a number of human characters of different ages, races, social statuses, and interests, unveiling the benefits of cryptocurrencies for different groups of users. Here are some of them.

real bitcoin people illustrations tubikarts

Real Bitcoin website illustration tubikarts

real bitcoin illustration discussion tubikarts

real bitcoin illustration family tubikarts

real bitcoin website illustrations tubikarts

real bitcoin family tubikarts illustration

real bitcoin illustration tubikarts people

real bitcoin illustrations tubik

real bitcoin illustration art

illustrations case stduty real bitcoin tubik

real bitcoin people illustrations tubikart

Custom Graphics

One more task for the illustrator was to create a set of informative and symbolic illustrations that would help to beautify informative content blocks and contribute to the visual support of the message. As people perceive, decode, and memorize images faster than words, such visual elements both increase the informativeness and scannability of the webpages as well as add to the general stylistic concept. Here Real Bitcoin website visitors will find a variety of well-recognized visual prompts on money, banknotes, wallets, coin, gadgets for interacting with the world of digital products, and also diverse graphs, charts, and upward arrows to symbolize financial growth, progress, and development.

real bitcoin website illustration tubik

real bitcoin web illustration tubik case

real bitcoin tubik design illustration case study

real bitcoin case study illustration tubikarts

This project demonstrated how much informative power, emotion, and style can well-crafted custom illustrations contribute to the website design, not only making a considerable positive impact on its attractiveness but also enhancing usability and desirability of the presented products and services.

Stay tuned; new design case studies are coming soon!

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The illustrations in the post belong to their proprietors, are the object of copyright, and cannot be used by the third side for any goals.

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