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45 Inspiring Illustrations About Workspaces, Creativity and Art

A fresh collection of digital illustrations by Tubik artists features diverse illustration sets devoted to creative processes and workspaces. Enjoy and get inspired!

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones,” the artist Bruce Garrabrandt once said. Being people, whose daily job is finding creative solutions, we couldn’t agree more. To visualize the idea and add a pinch of digital art to your day, we’ve prepared a new collection of illustrations by Tubik artists, this time devoted to different sides of art, creativity, and workspaces where design is done. Welcome to enjoy and get inspired!

Creative Workspace

No secret workspaces have a great impact on productivity, creativity, focus, and inspiration. And that’s also the aspect of great diversity: some of us need a clean and minimalist environment while others strive for tons of inspiring bits and kits, plants, or books. Inspired by the theme, we’ve created a set of illustrations showing the diversity of creative workspaces.

creative workspaces illustrations tubikarts

creative workspaces illustrations tubikarts

creative workspaces illustrations tubikarts

creative workspaces illustrations tubikarts

creative workspaces illustrations tubikarts

Artists’ Universe

The more you dive into art, the deeper it feels like a sort of endless and impressive universe with each artist presenting a particular star or even galaxy full of amazing discoveries. This illustration collection aims at opening this universe a bit via the powerful and inspiring artists representing different cultures, epochs, and styles, but all having lit their own immortal stars.

Frida Khalo artist illustration tubikarts

The bright Mexican painter Frida Kahlo

claude monet famous artists tubikarts

The pioneer of impressionism Claude Monet

prymachenko illustration tubikarts

Maria Prymachenko, a Ukrainian village folk art painter, a famous representative of naïve art

magritte illustration tubikarts

René Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist well-known for witty and thought-provoking artworks

gustav klimt illustration tubikarts

Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement

dali illustration tubikarts

Salvador Dalí, a Spanish surrealist artist worldwide famous for his technical skill as well as striking and bizarre artworks

van gogh artist illustration tubikarts

Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch post-impressionist painter, one of the most famous, productive, and influential figures in the history of Western art

Black and White Artworks About Design Studio Life

Here in Tubik, we know ins and outs of different sides of the design process, the power of teamwork, and the importance of concentration. As well as the work-life balance issue so much thought out by creative people. Here’s a collection of catchy and daring monochrome artworks devoted right to that topic.

black and white illustration designers

black and white illustration designers

black and white illustrations

black and white illustrations tubik

black and white illustrations tubik

black and white illustration designers

black and white illustration design studio

black and white illustration design studio

black and white illustration design studio

black and white illustration design studio

black and white illustration design studio

Geometric Art of Design

Artists and designers know well that all the world around is full of geometric diversity. This collection of digital artworks also touches that theme: the illustrations are spiced with the geometry magic and reflect different aspects of the design process.

geometric world illustration tubik arts

geometric world illustration tubik arts

geometric world illustration tubik arts

geometric world illustration tubik arts

Curious Cat and Creative Process

This set of illustrations is dedicated to various stages of the research and creation process. This series has a mascot character uniting all the episodes into one line of visual storytelling: meet the curious and clever сat going all the way from a question to the solution.

curious cat illustrations question

Question and problem statement stage

curious cat illustrations research

Research stage

curious cat illustrations Systematization

Systematization stage

curious cat illustrations Analysis

Analysis stage

curious cat illustrations Hypothesis

Hypothesis stage

curious cat illustrations Solution

Solution stage

Mixing Styles

Collaboration on a creative project is never a simple thing as sometimes it has to crush together different visions and approaches to get a wow-result. This set of artworks is inspired by that theme and based on the creative illustration on the crossroads of different styles and dimensions.

illustration tubikarts

All designers strive to experience that moment of zen when everything in your design is harmonic, balanced, and eye-pleasing. Even if that’s just a short second before the next round of polishing, perfecting, and upgrading. Catch that feeling with the illustration below.

design zen illustration tubikarts

Don’t forget to take creative breaks to avoid creative blocks – that’s the idea behind another illustration from the set.

creative pause illustration tubikarts

Design in Progress Illustrations

Here you’ll find a pack of diverse illustrations devoted to different work styles and setups: from individual work to teamwork, from working from home to office vibes, from freelancing to studio design.

work from home illustration tubikarts

Getting into work from home

teamwork illustration

Teamwork mode

research in design

Research stage in the user experience design process

design communication art

Communication as an integral part of designers’ job

work from home illustration

Backstage of freelancing from home

work in team illustration tubikarts

Teamwork uniting the superpowers of different colleagues

limitless design communication

Starting a design day from the client’s feedback

information architecture

Diving deep and focusing

illustration tubikarts work from home

Working in the quarantine mode

New illustration sets are coming soon, don’t miss them.

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The illustrations in the post belong to Tubik and cannot be used by other resources without our permission and without the link to the source.

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