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20+ Atmospheric Digital Illustrations: From Landscapes to City Views

We've collected an inspiring bunch of our atmospheric illustrations: check a variety of styles, environments, seasons, and stories to imagine behind each artwork.

Illustration is not only the way to add beauty and mood to any project. It’s also a great way to set off on an artistic journey and travel around a variety of places shown through the illustrators’ perception. That’s what we invite you to do with our team today: here we’ve collected an inspiring bunch of atmospheric illustrations by our digital artists. Here you’ll find a variety of styles, environments, seasons, and stories to imagine behind each artwork. Join and enjoy it!

Pennine Alps illustration tubikarts
Let’s start our artistic journey from the Swiss landscapes: feel the majestic isolation vibe in the gorgeous Pennine Alps.


Valle Verzasca Illustration tubikarts
Another glance at Switzerland is an illustration featuring picturesque Valle Verzasca.


Rigi Railways illustration tubikarts
The collection of Swiss views is continued by Rigi Railways landscape.


Rhaetian Alps illustration tubikarts
And one more digital landscape features a painting of the Rhaetian Alps.


Norway Fjord Village illustration tubikarts
Another artistic trip invites the viewer to enjoy the Norwegian landscapes, like a quiet village by the fjord in this illustration.


Norway Landscapes illustration tubikarts
Here’s another digital artwork with Norwegian vibes sharing the vibes of bright life in the village full of green shades and picturesque surroundings.


Norway Colors illustration tubikarts
One more view on different shades of green in Norway.


Sunny Netherlands illustration tubik arts
Another artistic destination is easy to guess: sure, this illustration shows springtime in the Netherlands with their iconic windmills.


Amsterdam Colors illustration tubikarts
This illustration gives a look at spring Amsterdam full of bright colors and impressive architecture.


coffee time illustration tubik arts
This art is filled with the atmosphere of city life, the mood of sweet moments and feelings in a favorite cafe.


isolation mountain road illustration
This artwork is up to share the silent majesty of mountains, the calmness of pastel palette, and the confidence of the sheep making her way in the place where civilization meets nature.


sakura blossom illustration tubikarts
This illustration is sharing the spring vibes of blossoming sakura which this hard year is going to miss the crowds of delighted people. Yet, let’s believe in the invincible power of spring and care about each other more than ever.


spring illustration tubikarts
Another illustration to share a pinch of spring mood and atmosphere.


river sunset illustration
The digital artwork in a limited color palette and still composition to reflect the mood of sunset at the riverside.


autumn boat illustration
Another artistic view on the river boat,  yet in a different season and from a different perspective.


lighthouse illustration tubikarts
“Lighthouses are endlessly suggestive signifiers of both human isolation and our ultimate connectedness to each other” Virginia Woolf once said. And this illustration, atmospheric and fantastic a bit is here to share this beamy vibe in digital art.


nature gradients illustration
Nature is the best artist; it never makes mistakes combining colors and creating gradients. This illustration is all about that: enjoy the calmness of the isolated spot and the beauty of natural gradients.


forest mystery illustration
Feel the magical and mysterious silence of the forest in this atmospheric illustration. It is one for the series of artworks featuring architecture integrated harmonically into the natural environment, check the others below.


House in the woods illustration
“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” the famous environmentalist and naturalist John Muir once said. We all need to recharge now and then, and getting back to nature is one of the most effective ways for many people. That is the idea share in this artwork. Feel the magnificent power of the forest and the magic of the house harmonically built-in into it.


Autumn Constrasts illustration tubikarts
Catch the contrasts of autumn with its dark colors, deep shadows, long evenings, and melancholic mood.


Cosy Isolation Illustration tubikarts
Another piece of digital art to feature the atmosphere of cozy isolation diving deep in nature.


winter illustration tubikarts
Winter seems to uncover the fresh blank page and open the new horizons. It seems to be the time when our inner children wake up with the first snow outside. Who knows what stories our winter walks will bring? That’s the mood to share with this crispy snowy illustration.


red house illustration tubikarts
Feel the power of contrasts in this illustration: the silence of winter countryside, the magnificence of the winter forest, and the bright spot of a futuristic red house in the middle of nowhere. Who knows, perhaps the modern Santa Claus would choose such a residence.


green energy illustration
The issue of alternative power sources and green energy safe for the planet is one of the hottest problems now, arising multiple innovations and new products. Our today’s illustration is also devoted to that theme. This atmospheric digital artwork was created as a hero image for a website of the company that provides services in new-age sustainable energy production, consumption, and distribution.


autumn colors illustration
Another atmospheric illustration to share different shades of autumn warmth and brightness.


whale at home illustration
“We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment. The alternative? A world without whales. It’s too terrible to imagine”. Pierce Brosnan once said, and it’s impossible to disagree. This digital artwork also features a whale, a great and majestic creature presented to humanity by nature. It’s just a little graphic fantasy on whale coming home and feeling cozy. Feel the magic!


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