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Digital Art: 40+ Inspiring Illustrations on Diverse Themes

A huge pack of digital artworks: beautiful 2D illustrations for landing pages, apps, websites, promo campaigns, holidays, seasonal offers, and much more.

In modern design, illustration is much more than just a piece of beauty added to the project. Pictures in different styles illustrate processes and tasks, add mood and atmosphere, and set a strong emotional and aesthetic appeal. It’s been a while since we shared fresh graphics here in Tubik Blog, so it’s time to show you a new pack of digital artworks from our team. The illustrations were created for different projects and tasks: landing pages, blog articles and websites, promo campaigns, celebrations and seasonal offers, presentations, and mobile apps. Most of the illustrations are created with Procreate and Photoshop. Welcome to enjoy and get inspired!

Nature and Landscape Illustration

The first pack of digital paintings is devoted to the theme of nature: here, you’ll see atmospheric landscape illustrations, animals, plants, and the change of seasons. Also, some of the illustrations here reflect the theme of architecture integrated harmonically into nature.

Cosy Isolation Illustration tubikarts

Cozy isolation of the evening forest

House in the woods illustration

Autumn woods and lovely cabin to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Autumn Constrasts illustration tubikarts

Autumn contrasts

forest mystery illustration

Forest mystery art

river sunset illustration

River sunset

autumn boat illustration

Autumn boat

nature harmony illustration

flowers harmony illustration

Nature harmony illustrations for the website devoted to zero-waste living

red house illustration tubikarts

Winter vibes and red house

autumn colors illustration

Fall landscape illustration of the cozy countryside

lighthouse illustration tubikarts

Lighthouse and a bit of fairytale

green energy illustration

The illustration created as a hero image for the landing page of the environment protection community

spring rabbit creative illustration

Spring rabbit sharing the mood

whale at home illustration

Artistic fantasy illustration about the whale at home

Food Illustration

Another pack of 2D artworks that is now in progress presents the theme illustrations showing different food.

Italian food illustration tubikarts

Italian food illustration

mexican food illustration tubikarts

Mexican food illustration

asian food illustration

Asian food illustration

thanksgiving dinner illustration

Thanksgiving Dinner illustration

Holidays and Celebrations

Various holidays and celebrations always present a good reason for a fresh piece of art. This set is all about festive vibes.

christmas mood illustration tubikarts

Christmas mood artwork

Theme illustrations making up a cute cartoon of a New Year party in the forest

christmas_mood digital illustration tubik

Artwork about Christmas shopping and choosing presents

zombie date illustration halloween

Funny zombies for Halloween illustration

cozy winter illustration

Christmas magic vibes

monsters halloween illustration

Funny Halloween characters presented in catchy experimental style

Cosy October Illustration

Cute art sharing the process of autumn decoration 

Sports and Activities

One more popular theme for illustrations is sports and various activities. The artworks of this kind are often integrated into web pages for events, articles, marketing campaigns or ecommerce in this sphere.

cycling joy illustration

Cycling illustration

tennis player illustration tubik

Tennis player illustration

yoga chill illustration tubik

Yoga artwork

swimming time illustration

Swimming illustration

winter fun illustration tubik

Skating illustration

bright skateboarder illustration

Skateboarding illustration

team up design illustration

The visual metaphor of creative teamwork reflected in the illustration with basketball players

People Illustration

Diversity of people – that seems to be the most popular theme for the digital art covering business goals. Various characters and plots are integrated into web and mobile interfaces giving the interactions human face this way. Illustrations make the message eye-pleasing and emotional, they are quickly perceived and highly effective in strengthening scannability and solid visual hierarchy of both digital and print products. The set below features people in different environments, situations, styles, and moods. It also includes a couple of arts created for the projects devoted to famous people.

information architecture illustration

The creative process of the architect in 2D art

back to the wild illustration tubikarts

Artist back to the wild

ecommerce shopping illustration

Shoppers united in a dynamic composition in the illustration devoted to Black Friday

waiting for the flight illustration

The illustration featuring passengers waiting for their flights

forever young illustration

Forever young

summer throwback illustration

Summer mood

koi power illustration

Digital painting with Japanese motifs

communication whirlpool illustration

Theme illustration reflecting the idea of messaging whirlpool as a part of our daily life

photo memories illustration

Theme illustration for the landing page of a photo-sharing application

ready for holiday illustration

Theme illustration about air traveling created for the landing page of the luggage delivery service

ticket office illustration tubikarts

Traveling and holiday vibes shared with funny characters in experimental style

broccoli lover illustration

Theme illustration for the blog devoted to a healthy life

lecture illustration design

Communication and teamwork in one digital illustration

creative productivity illustration tubikarts

Theme illustration used as a hero image for the landing page of the productivity service

storytelling in UX design illustration

Illustrations created as a title image for the design article about readability

tea time digital illustration

Theme illustration for the website of the tea club

chill out night illustration

Chill out night artwork

green room illustration

The atmospheric interior illustration hiding the character into the mirror reflection

cinema fan illustration

Cinema fan

artsy outfit illustration

Artsy outfit for a character

stanley kubrick portrait

Digital portrait of the famous film director Stanley Kubrick was used as a part of social media promotion for the Kubrick Life website

Zaha Hadid Digital Portrait

Artistic digital portrait of Zaha Hadid for the online magazine devoted to architecture

john coffey green mile illustration

Stylized fan art on John Coffey, the character from the Green Mile

Illustration Collections and Digital Art Case Studies

If you want to see more collections of illustrations or discover how they work in particular design projects, here’s the set of posts for you.

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Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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