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Information Beautified: Media and Editorial Website Designs

Check how UX design is created for effective information sharing and perception: review a bunch of web designs by tubik team for editorials, blogs, and media resources.

The new collection of web designs crafted by the tubik team is up, so welcome to review. This time it gathers the set of layouts created for the web resources whose objective is to help people get informed and read conveniently, to share a considerable amount of diverse information, and make its consumption, search, and browsing effortless, pleasant, and wrapped elegantly and stylishly. Below, you will find a bunch of designs developed for editorials, blogs, media resources, and review platforms. Enjoy and get inspired!

Crypto Blog

Cryptocurrencies present a hot and trendy theme to discuss and research these days, and this web design lets us also add two cents to it. Here are some pages for the blog about the crypto world. Stylish composition echoing traditional broadsheets layout, readable and elegant fonts, a minimalistic palette with cool color accents and trendy images — all that helps to transfer the idea of the quality and informative resource which is easy to use and stands out of the crowd.

crypto blog home page tubik

crypto blog tubik web design

crypto blog tubik article page crypto blog currency page design tubik

crypto_blog mobile design tubik

Web Editorial About Insomnia

This web design was created for the online editorial to reflect the actual and globally known issue of insomnia, which significantly influences human health, both physical and mental. It’s easy to see that typography becomes the most prominent element of the design concept, not only sharing the information but also setting the atmosphere at once. Impressive manipulations with typographic elements become a part of the design approach and greatly impact setting the mood and emotional background, which is also massively transferred by the thematic photo video content. Also, trendy menu design, smooth and captivating, sometimes even hypnotic motion graphics, and color palette setting the visual connection with evening and night time contribute to the website elegance and visitors’ engagement.

Illuminating Radioactivity Educational Website

Illuminating Radioactivity is an educational web resource covering different aspects of radioactivity, designed by tubik and developed in partnership with the Bombshelltoe Arts and Policy Collective and the Stimson Center. The interactive home page, original typography, uncommon layouts, catchy images, thought-out data visualization ideas, and many other details helped present the topic in a much broader and more engaging perspective.

Read more about the design process and solutions in the web design case study.

Blog Layout Explorations

This web design concept demonstrates the layout exploration for the featured article, based on a nuanced monochromatic palette, sophisticated typography, and photo content creating the proper mood.

article page design tubik

article pages mobile design tubik

Art Institute Blog Design

Feel the power of sophistication as this web design project is literally made from it: that’s the look at the web page layout explorations for the blog devoted to art in its diverse manifestations. The airy layout, beautiful and prominent photo content, and elegant typography let the visitors catch the artistic vibes from the first second.

art blog collection page tubik design

art institute blog design tubik

art institute blog design

art blog design tubik

home page art blog tubik design

Geography and Ecology Blog

This is the user experience design concept for a niche blog devoted to the topics connected with the environment, ecology, geography, and the modern state of nature. Here the design impresses the visitor with the spectacular photo and video content, illustrating informative and important text content and enhancing emotional communication with the readers.

geography blog design tubik

geographic blog article page

geographic blog on mobile tubik design

Powerful Women Editorial

This design was created for the web editorial telling the inspiring stories of amazing women who had the power to change the world. Close to design for printed media resources, the user experience is focused on text content elegantly presented with the following aspects:

  • a well-thought-out choice of fonts
  • stylish and moderate color palette
  • prominent photo content creating the needed atmosphere in split seconds and working in one harmonic composition with the text
  • minimalistic and intuitive navigation
  • smooth motion
  • a solid visual hierarchy that allows for effective scanning and skimming.

powerful women website tubik design

powerful women stories website tubik studio

powerful women website design tubik studio

powerful women mobile website tubikstudio

Editorial About Generations

This eye-pleasing web design was created for an editorial devoted to different generations. Here you will find the limited and contrast color palette, sophisticated typography making even text-heavy pages beautiful and readable, airy web page layouts to let users quickly scan the content, and elegant use of imagery instantly creating the atmosphere.

website for editorial about generations tubik studio

website for editoria about generations tubik studio

website for editorial about generations tubik studio

Bartending Encyclopedia Website

This website is devoted to the theme of bartending, telling about various drinks and cocktails. Custom photo content, trendy split-screen structure, and sophisticated typography make the web pages beautiful and set a strong emotional appeal.

bartending website design

bartending website design tubik

bartending encyclopedia web design

Stop Plastic Editorial

This web design project deals with a hot and important topic of today: our world is overloaded with plastic, and this issue shouts for global attention. Take a look at the original design for the editorial telling people more about the problem, its influence on nature and our future, and the ways to solve it. Limited and contrast color palette, readable text blocks efficiently supported with negative space, impressive visual and video content, and smooth motion for interactions make the user experience emotional and engaging.

Skateboarding Culture Editorial

This design was done for the online editorial devoted to skateboarding culture and history. Minimalist layout, bold typography, monochrome color palette, irregular grid, prominent atmospheric images, and archive video content supported with smooth motion – all the mentioned immediately sets the needed mood and engages the visitor to learn more.

Book Review Website

Here’s the web interface designed for a book review resource. The elegantly designed pages are based on color contrast, visually separating different content zones, typography ensuring a good level of readability and book covers presentation, and smooth animation making the user experience more lively and dynamic.

Culture Magazine Web Design

Online magazines are getting more and more online presence today, with people using the web to get both information and entertainment. So, for web designers, it raises the challenge to combine digital design trends with traditions of editorial design. Here’s the home page designed for a website of the online magazine about culture. Prominent photo content, trendy asymmetry, unobtrusive navigation, and well-checked readability make the layout elegant, attractive, and easy to use.

online magazine website

New web and mobile design collections by our team are coming soon – don’t miss the updates!

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