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Save the Planet: Web Designs on Environment and Ecological Issues

Web design collection devoted to environmental protection and sustainable future: check a bunch of websites on air and sea pollution, zero-waste lifestyle, and sustainable energy.

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans,” famous conservationist and researcher Jacques Yves Cousteau mentioned, and it’s hard to disagree. The issues of environmental protection and building a sustainable future are discussed and explored at global levels today, and the online world also cannot stay aside. Our new design collection is also devoted to the theme: welcome to check a bunch of websites designed to highlight the problems of air and sea pollution and support a zero-waste lifestyle and sustainable energy resources.

Stop Plastic Website

This web design project is called StopPlastic and deals with a hot and important topic of today: our world is overloaded with plastic, and this issue shouts for global attention. The website tells people more about the problem, its influence on nature and our future, and information about the ways to solve it.

Limited and contrast color palette, readable text blocks efficiently supported with negative space, impressive visual and video content, and smooth motion for interactions make the user experience emotional and engaging. Visuals are mostly presented by artistic and eye-catching collages and theme photos. Typographic hierarchy is made super solid to let users quickly skim the text content and not to miss the essential ideas.

Ecotourism Website

This website was designed for a service for people that want to try ecotourism and have some rest deep in nature and far from urban hustle and bustle. The home page features a stunning hero illustration. The Discover web page tells and shows more about the destinations and types of holidays to book, with the video integration to amplify the effect.

The design shows the balance of readability and decoration in typography choice, solid visual hierarchy, and thoughtful integration of different types of visuals: photos and custom theme illustrations.

Mobile adaptation helps to save the visual harmony and allows users to successfully interact with the website from any device.

ecotourism website design tubik studio

Zero Waste Website

zero waste website design

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” Aldo Leopold’s words are full of truth, and luckily, that philosophy seems to inspire many people these days. This web design concept is also of that kind. Take a glance at a website devoted to a zero-waste lifestyle: here people can communicate, get useful information and tips as well as buy eco-friendly and reusable stuff.

Promoting the philosophy of minimalism, sustainable consumption, and zero-waste living, the website design also sticks to minimalistic performance and navigation.

product page zero-waste website tubik design

The product pages are built around the prominent product image and engaging animation of a bird to set a strong association with nature. The little bird image also works as a visual mascot uniting different pages of the website.

And here, you can check how the choice of color works on a product page, making the experience engaging due to smooth dynamic animation.

Blog pages feature lovely theme illustrations, split-screen presentation to make the text content scannable and readable, and an engaging loading animation. Here you will find the bird mascot supporting the integrity of transitions between pages.

And this page makes a part of the theme illustration work as loading animation.

Save the Oceans

save the oceans website animation-tubik-design

This web design is devoted to a vital global problem of awful pollution of the world oceans, which has already become a disaster. Take a glance at the user interface and interactions designed for Save the Oceans, a charity website gathering the community of people with a goal to make our planet a better place for future generations. The instant atmosphere of the theme is created due to the appropriate color palette giving a strong visual association to the majestic power of the ocean as well as atmospheric photo and video content.

save the oceans website

save the oceans website

The airy layout, bold typography, and ocean motifs transfer the theme to the visitors from the first seconds and make the content scannable and attractive, whatever the device they come from.

save the oceans website

save the oceans website

The 404 page deserves special attention, showing another piece of a creative idea by turning the error page into an atmospheric image supporting the general message of the resource.

save the oceans website

Innovative Energy Service Website

The issue of alternative power sources and sustainable building is one of the hottest now, arising multiple innovations and new products. This web design concept is also devoted to this theme: it’s a home page design for the company providing services in new-age sustainable energy production, consumption, and even distribution for community needs.

The page features a digital theme illustration in the above-the-fold area to quickly set the visual associations and amplify the message provided in the tagline and core description block.

Environment Protection Community


With all the global problems our planet faces today, communities of people concerned with them are growing to prevent the negative impact. This web design example gives a look at a home page designed for the website of the eco-aware community consulting businesses and manufacturers, as well as launching projects devoted to environmental protection.  The composition and color palette of the hero illustration support the emotional appeal and create an instant message about the theme. The visual hierarchy of the webpage sets the basis for scannability to make the major information and CTA button instantly visible.

New web and mobile design collections from our team are coming soon – don’t miss the updates!

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