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Animal World: 4 Beautiful Illustration Sets About Wildlife and Pets

A new diverse collection of digital artworks by Tubik illustrators features 4 animal illustration sets in different design styles. Enjoy and get inspired!

«Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened,” Anatole France once wrote and it’s hard to disagree. Our new diverse collection of digital artworks features four animal illustration sets in different design styles and approaches to color palettes, composition, and general ideas to transfer. The illustration series was created by Tubik illustrators Yaroslava Yatsuba and Marina Solomennikova. Enjoy and get inspired!

Under the Same Sun: Animals and People

We all, humans and animals, share one planet, one sky, one ground and we all live under the same sun. That’s the theme for our new set of digital artworks, full of grace and cuteness, fun and unconditional love, harmony and devotion, wildlife and humanity. It features animals in their natural habitats – and in friendly relations with the world of people!

animals and people illustrations

Graceful cheetah illustration

animals and people illustrations

Lion power illustration

animals and people illustrations

Hawk dignity illustration

animals and people illustrations

Raccoon cuteness illustration

animals and people illustrations

Cheerful dolphins illustration

animals and people illustrations

Loyal dog illustration

Wildlife Illustration Art

This set consists of artistic illustrations also devoted to the wonderful world of animals. Color palette is based on the natural environment, with bright color accents and pastel textures give the feeling of harmony and let us feel the magic of wildlife.

animal world bear illustration

Forest bear illustration

animal world horse illustration tubikarts

Graceful horse illustration

animal illustrations fish tubik arts

Underwater world illustration

animal illustrations giraffes tubikarts

Peaceful giraffes illustration

animal puffins illustration

Cute puffins illustration

flamingos animal illustration

Impressive flamingoes illustration

Animal Portraits

Here is the illustration series of animal portraits full of natural power, grace, concentration, and dignity.

animal Holy Cow illustration tubikarts

Holy Cow portrait illustration

animal dog portrait illustration tubikarts

Dog portrait illustration

animal rooster portrait illustration tubikarts

Rooster portrait illustration

animal cat portrait illustration tubikarts

Cat portrait illustration

koala animal illustration tubikarts

Koala portrait illustration

animal portraits frog

Frog portrait illustration

Dog Breeds Illustration Set

This illustration project is both beautiful and educational. It provides a brief illustrated introduction to different dog breeds famous all over the world, their history, and their famous breeders.

dogs jack russel illustration

Playful Jack Russel Terrier dogs and John Russel who first bred them.

dogs border collie illustrations

Cheerful and super clever Border Collie dogs and their breeder Adam Tefler, whose dog Old Hemp is considered to be a progenitor to the breed.

dogs samoyed illustration

Cute, snow-white, and fluffy Samoyed dogs and their known breeders Ernest and Clara Kilburn Scott.

dogs st bernard illustration

Big, supportive, and hard-working St Bernard dogs that were originally bred as rescue dogs by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss border, built by and named after Italian monk Bernard of Menthon. 

dogs japanese chin illustration

Cute Japanese Chin dogs known for their importance to the Japanese nobility. They quickly got their high position in the Japanese Imperial palaces, where they were closely kept and guarded while for a long time mere peasants were not allowed to own them as the small dogs became treasures more valuable than gold.

dogs belgian shepherd illustration

Lovely and clever Belgian Shepherds that present the breed of very diverse looks.

dogs welsh corgi illustration

Funny Welsh Corgi dogs and their most well-known fan Queen Elizabeth II.

New illustration sets are coming soon, don’t miss!

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