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Case Study: Albert's. Christmas Cookies Packaging Design

Enjoy the winter holidays atmosphere and catch some Merry Christmas vibes with our graphic design case study unveiling the bright packaging design for the collection of Christmas cookies.

December is the time when it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as well as sound, taste, and smell. And packaging designs for a variety of Christmas goods show up everywhere to open new sides of designers’ and illustrators’ talents letting their creative genies out of the bottles and impressing buyers each and every winter in new bright ways. So, we’d like to add our two cents to the winter holidays atmosphere with our new graphic design case study unveiling the packaging design for the collection of Christmas cookies. Take a look and catch some holiday vibes!

The design team for the project included tubik graphic designers Yaroslava Yatsuba, Arthur Avakyan, and Ladamira Kunitsa.

The graphic design process included three major stages:

  • creating a holiday graphic pattern and color combinations that could be flexible for different visual transformations keeping its consistency
  • developing the effective combination of the illustrative part and brand identity
  • applying the pattern to different types of boxes

The original holiday patterns were created specifically for different cookie flavors, and colors were chosen to make every box not only visually attractive but also distinguishable on the store shelves. For that objective, the illustrator created a range of small graphic elements, some abstract while others reflecting the mood of winter holidays, family gatherings, and Christmas traditions: fur trees and ornaments, snow and reindeer, birds, stars, and houses all got together for this project to share the mood. Then, different patterns were created for the cookie boxes.

christmas cookies packaging design tubikarts graphics

Vanilla Christmas cookies packaging

Christmas cookies packaging design tubikarts

Cinnamon Christmas cookies packaging

christmas cookies packaging design tubikarts illustration

Citrus Christmas cookies packaging

And here’s how the graphic pattern is adapted for the other kind of box for cookies.

christmas cookies box graphic design tubik

The round cookies box pattern

Certainly, the primary focus was on put on packaging design; however, it was also important to consider the integration of these graphics into advertising and promotional activities online. So, to make them lively and energetic, we worked on a slick and smooth brand animation for the brand, dynamic and catchy, to be effectively used in online promotional activities and catch the customer’s eye.

Animated logo and brand graphics

Animation for cookie box pattern

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

christmas cookies packaging design case study

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