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White Christmas in Digital Art: Collection of Merry Christmas Images

Enjoy a new pack of merry Christmas images filled with the wonderful atmosphere of the winter holidays. Feel the magic with the illustrations by Tubik artists!

The world around is full of festive vibes and Christmas magic, and sure, we cannot stand aside. This winter, we’d like to continue a theme of winter and Christmas packed into beautiful digital artworks. So, welcome to enjoy a new pack of merry Christmas images filled with the wonderful atmosphere of the bright and refreshing winter holidays. Feel the magic with the illustrations by Tubik artists!

decorating christmas tree tubik arts illustration

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn’t it? We also want to add our two cents to the cheer and joy of these days. So, this illustration is up, picturing perhaps the most beautiful Christmas ritual – decorating a tree. And sure, no one from the family could avoid that process. 

white christmas illustration tubikarts

This illustration just echoes one of the favorite Christmas songs about White Christmas and all its magic, letting people believe in wonders. Can you hear it? May your days be merry and bright And may all your Christmases be white…

hello winter illustration tubikarts

This illustration is up to create the winter mood, with its refreshing and sharp contrasts, days filled with the purity of the crispy snow, artistic and sophisticated landscapes, and bright holidays.

snow angels illustration tubuikarts

This snowy illustration lets us feel the winter holidays’ magic with the restless snow angels in each of us. Have fun!

cosy winter illustration tubikarts

Just one more digital artwork to let you feel the winter magic with the snow softness and the perfect self-isolation close to nature. Feel the mood!

winter evening illustration tubikarts

Feel the mood of a cozy winter evening full of soft snow and glowing light.

holiday cats illustration tubikarts

Are you already in the holiday mood? Here’s a bunch of cats to add some fun and cuteness to your day and let you feel the Christmas vibes. And what movie do you think she’s watching?

active winter illustration tubikarts blog

Do you enjoy winter sports and being outdoors with snow beauty all around? The character of our new illustration definitely does. Catch the vibes of active winter.


merry christmas icons tubik studio

Santa Claus is coming to town, so the new set of bright and lovely icons is up, and this time it’s all about Christmas, of course. They give you a hint on all the crucial things for a good holiday: Christmas tree delivery, presents and ornaments, holiday cookies, and a wish list for Santa. Catch the holiday vibes, ho-ho-ho!

mommy kissing santa claus tubikarts illustration

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night… With today’s illustration, we’d like to bring a new spark of life to one of the classic Christmas songs and share the heart-warming, magical, hug-and-kissing atmosphere of the winter holidays. 

Winter illustration art tubikarts

winter illustration

These are the winter images from our new art project which is all about the beauty of seasons. This illustration set is built in a limited color palette with bright accents, in compositions made up of different details sharing the atmosphere of the particular time of the year. 

winter wonderland illustration tubik arts

What could it be like, having a cup of tea in a winter wonderland? That’s what we’ve tried to imagine and picture with our new illustration. And that’s definitely the mood when winter is your cup of tea.

party girls tubik arts

Christmas is about not only presents and wishes but also parties and fun. Girls know that getting prepared for the party is a great challenge – but the ones in our illustration are ready to accept it as you see.

moody tangerine christmas illustration tubikarts

One of the strong associations of the winter holidays atmosphere here is citrus fruits, especially tangerines. This bright illustration for a custom Christmas card features a funny story about a moody capricious tangerine that didn’t want to get peeled. Do you know someone who would like that kind of unusual card?

This winter, we wish you all to get a chance to have much fun on the days of Christmas time. Just like the sledding kids in our new illustration.

holiday dogs

holiday dogs

holiday dogs

Among all animals, dogs are perhaps the most willing to bring optimism and fun to human life. This set of illustrations is all about dogs creating a holiday mood: meet samoyed, rough collie, and dachshund that know how to make your winter super bright and cute.

invincible summer illustration tubikarts

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer” Albert Camus once wrote. And that’s what inspired our illustration. 

New illustration sets are coming soon, don’t miss them.

Merry upcoming Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

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