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Mastering Lines: 20+ Elegant Line Art Illustrations

Enjoy the collection of line artworks turning the elegance of lines into effective marketing graphics and aesthetic illustrations for diverse design goals.

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk,” the inspiring artist Paul Klee once said. And that’s what we are going to share in today’s post with a collection of line art illustrations by tubik artist Arthur Avakyan, elegantly taking lines for a walk in company with good ideas. Enjoy and get inspired!

Lineart Animals

This illustration set is devoted to the world of animals and pets, created in the artistic style of line illustration based on smooth and elegant curves and bright color spots, adding even more emotion and expressiveness to artworks.

lineart animals

Dog line illustration

fox illustration lineart

Fox line illustration

illustration art rooster

Rooster line illustration

swan illustration

Swan line illustration

whale illustration

Whale line illustration

bull lineart illustration

Bull line illustration

Marketing Illustrations for Small Food Brands

Here’s the set of artistic outline illustrations for local food brands’ promotion both online and offline. There you will find the bakery waking the town up with the irresistible flavor of freshly baked bread and airy croissants, winemakers adding a special taste to any celebration, cheese producers knowing the ins and outs of the best cheese tastes and textures, and beekeepers busy as a bee to make lives sweeter and healthier.

marketing graphics food brands

Each case included three line illustrations reflecting the food maker, the product, and the location where it’s produced. This type of graphics is flexible for a broad diversity of marketing goals like banners, posters, billboards, website or landing pages, printed brochures, leaflets, business or gift cards, letters, boxes, bags, etc. Take a closer look below.


winemaker illustration art

winemaker illustration art

winery field illustrations


cheesemaker illustration

cheesemaker illustration

cheesemaker farm illustration


line art food baker

bakery lineart illustration

bakery illustration


beekeper illustration

honey illustration

beekeeping illustration art

People Illustrations

A couple more line artworks reflect different actual themes and use human characters for setting a clear visual connection to the topic. This type of graphics can be effectively used as a title image for a blog article, landing page, social media posts, or advertising banners.

To feel happy and stay productive, we all have to care about the physical and mental harmony reached via work-life balance. In the new reality of recent years, some of us have to find new ways to adapt, including working and training from home. But those who want will always find the way. That’s the story the line-art illustration below shares.

workout work life balance tubikarts illustration

This illustration is up to reflect another bright day that will definitely be full of life colors and bright challenges, which yet are never the ones to be afraid of when you are focused and ready for the fight.

fighter illustration lineart

One more artwork reflects the growing world of cryptocurrencies, dynamic and deep, and the artist experiments with composition, details, and gradients to make the mood clear and the idea expressive.

crypto world illustration

crypto world illustration

New illustration sets are coming soon. Keep up with new posts.

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The illustrations in the post belong to Tubik and cannot be used by other resources without our permission and without the link to the source.

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