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Case Study: MOVA Brewery. Ecommerce Website Design for Beer Producer

Feel the atmosphere of craft beer, good communication and great fun. Check the slick ecommerce website design and development we made for MOVA Brewery.

In this case study, we invite you to feel the atmosphere of craft beer that becomes a ground for good communication and great fun. Check out the slick e-commerce website design and development we made for MOVA Brewery.

mova brewery website case study tubik blog

Project and Client

MOVA is a new-generation beer producer based in Dnipro, Ukraine. Its team has built an entire project filled with its own vibe, and it pursues the ambitious objective of building its unique culture around the idea of becoming more than just a brewery. Every day, MOVA brews dozens of recognized varieties of beer, as well as brews connections between hundreds of people. Also, they organize annual festivals and educational projects in Ukrainian institutions and bartending schools and tell about the history of the beer culture in the beer museum.

Our collaboration with MOVA aimed to create and implement an elegant, welcoming, informative, and user-friendly website that amplifies brand communication online and e-commerce sales channels. The website had to operate effectively in two languages, Ukrainian and English. Also, we worked on original 3D model images of beer bottles for UX and marketing goals.

The team from the tubik side for this project included Vladyslav Taran, Denys Koloskov, Andriy Drobovych, Sergii Valiukh, Oleksandr Petulko, and Yana Potapovych.

Web Design

The client approached us with the goal of getting an e-commerce website that would share the atmosphere of the beer space and the culture they create at the actual point of sales and communication. One more important point was that the website design had to be consistent with the general visual identity of the brand and build an easy and straightforward flow of purchases.

After the discussions with the client, analyzing the existing brand identity and marketing approach, and researching the market, the team started the stage of the creative search to find the visual style, typography, and color palette that would be the most effective for the brand mission and communication, business values, and tone of voice.

The first concept played with the color of beer and bold, prominent typography for major text elements and was tried in two different color schemes, dark and light.

mova brewery website design case study tubik concept

The second concept tested mainly dark color palettes: the team tried combinations of beer-associated colors with deep green, brown, or grey, as well as tested textures and layouts.

mova brewery website design case study tubik concept

Eventually, the final approach to the website design was chosen to be built at the crossroads of both concepts. The color palette is thoughtfully selected to be flexible in using the power of contrasts and nuances.

The typographic approach is based on a pair of elegant sans-serif typefaces: expressive and solid Druk as the heading typeface and flexible and light Neue Haas Unica as the paragraph typeface.

mova brewery website design case study tubik fonts

mova brewery website design case study tubik typography

The primary type of visuals, in this case, was photo content. The company creates a diversity of high-quality photos for its various marketing goals, and what makes it really great is that it doesn’t just capture products and locations but also makes the production process open and visible, shows real people, and tells exciting stories.

Let’s look at the starting point of most user journeys for the website, the home page. The hero section uses a full-screen background photo, setting the instant connection with the beer theme and a clear association with the brand. It works perfectly in combination with a simple and energetic tagline, all made of verbs that are actually keywords to what the company offers to its clients: tasting a variety of good beer, meeting various people, and communicating in a convenient modern space. In this section, website visitors are offered three primary options to continue their journey, seeing tabs that offer to jump into the pages showing the brewery, the restaurant space, or the beer shop. Scrolling down, the visitor is getting engaged in knowing more about the company and buying its products.

mova brewery website design case study tubik home page

The page presenting the restaurant, aka beer space, consistently follows a similar approach, featuring the impressively atmospheric background photo of the place and making it easy and quick to check the menu or book a table before scrolling the page. And those who want to know more get it by scrolling down and learning about the place and the food and drinks it offers.

All the website pages are built around the thoroughly thought-out balance of visual and text content and solid visual hierarchy, making the resource informative and engaging but not overwhelming or tedious.

mova brewery website design case study tubik web pages

mova brewery website design case study tubik blog

mova brewery website case study tubik design

The product pages for the e-commerce part of the website are clear and airy, mainly using a light background to make the text part and interactive elements highly readable and skimmable. Minor graphic elements, for example, icons marking bottles or boxes, make the purchase flow easier and clearer.

mova brewery website design case study tubik studio

One more task for our team was to make an extended pack of sophisticated 3D models for different beer bottles of the brand. The models were created to be used as an elegant and flexible way of product demonstration, for instance, on a product page or in the catalog.

Here’s a glance at the mobile version of the website, which is strategically important for the client’s business as a significant proportion of its target audience is used to mobile e-commerce and likes buying, booking, and interacting using their smartphones rather than desktops.

The website for MOVA Brewery is another project we implemented on Webflow, which enabled us to check that all the design solutions went live properly to meet the client’s goals. Also, it allows to edit the content and extend the pages efficiently and quickly when necessary.

So, as a result of our collaboration, the client obtained a modern, attractive, informative, and easy-to-use website covering all the directions of the brand activities on the market and online sales, quickly connecting visitors to them in an emotional and impressive way.

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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