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12 Bright Projects on Visual Identity and Packaging Design

Bright graphic design collection: a set of functional and artistic visual identity and packaging design concepts, logos, and characters for diverse marketing goals.

Welcome to take a sneak peek at a fresh collection of graphic design projects crafted by the tubik team. This one presents an extensive set of attractive, functional, and artistic visual identity and packaging design concepts covering a variety of business objectives. Traditionally, you will find a bunch of designs in different styles and following various design approaches. Still, all of them are united by employing the power of illustration, character art, and visual storytelling to make a catchy and original identity that helps the business get more noticeable in today’s tight competition and transfer the mood and emotion behind the brand. Enjoy and get inspired!

Bijouterie Brand Identity

This graphic design project is filled with elegance. We developed the brand identity concept for a bijouterie brand, with logo design and animation, packaging design, and marketing graphics. The animalistic logo reflects the idea of a fox, and it is animated to be more lively and catchy, supporting the product’s digital presence.

logo design for bijouterie brand tubikarts


packaging design bijouterie brand tubik

bijouterie packaging design tubik

identity design for bijouterie brand tubikarts

social media design tubikarts bijouterie branding

Sparkling Wines Brand Packaging

This artistic graphic design project shares some party vibes and the pleasantly delicate taste of cold sparkling wine on a hot sunny day. Here, we worked on a packaging and marketing design concept for the brand of sparkling wines and champagnes with bright, cheerful, and sunny illustration art.

sparkling wine brand packaging tubik arts

champagne bottle label tubik arts design

sparkling wine packaging design tubikarts

sparkling wine brand illustrations tubik arts

sparkling wine brand illustration tubikarts

champagne illustration packaging tubikarts

case study illustration sparkling tubikarts

Cat Food and Accessories Brand Packaging

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this,” Terry Pratchett once said, and that’s the vibe cat lovers share around the world and through generations. Catch it with this set of original graphics developed as a part of brand identity for the brand of cat food, cosmetics, and accessories, employing a set of funny and cute custom illustrations and icons.

cat food packaging design tubikarts

cat shampoo packaging tubikarts design

cat brand tubik arts packaging design tubikarts

branded cat bed design tubikarts

cat brand identity illustrations tubikarts

Luminaires Brand Identity and Packaging

This brand identity design project is based on sharp contrasts and elegant lines. Here, we created a logo design, packaging, and posters for a company producing exclusive custom luminaires and lamps.

illumi_logo design tubik

illumi packaging design tubik agency

illumi lamps packaging design tubik

illumi lamps posters design tubik

illumi_poster design tubik

Jewelry Brand Identity and Packaging

This identity design project shares the atmopshere of mystic sophistication: check logo and packaging design developed as a part of identity design for elaborate and stylish jewelry brand.

Diamoon_logo design tubik

jewerly brand identity packaging design tubik

Vinyl Record Cover Design

Whatever digital our world is getting, nothing can beat good old vinyl magic. This packaging design concept is right about that: here, we made an elegant illustration-based cover and paper circles with futuristic character art wrapped in a contrastive color combination for a vinyl record of a music album.

case study vinyl record cover tubikarts

vinyl paper circles design tubik arts illustration

vinyl record cover design tubik arts

vinyl record packaging design tubikarts

vinyl record design tubik arts

vinyl record tubikarts packaging design

vinyl cover design tubik art packaging

Christmas Chocolate Box Design

This project is inspired by the most wonderful time of the year for most people, Christmas, of course. Here, we worked on the festive packaging design for the Christmas box of chocolates and sweets wrapping, with a big original illustration capturing many details we associate with the winter holidays: Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree, baubles, snowman, and the like.

christmas box of chocolates design tubik arts

christmas chocolates packaging design tubik arts

christmas chocolates box design tubikarts small

christmas chocolates packaging illustrations tubikarts

Fizzy Drinks Can Design

Catch the juicy and bright childish mood with this packaging design project in which we designed vibrant drink cans for the brand of fruit-flavored fizzy drinks and created a set of super funny and cute characters for them.

Fizzy Toons logo design mascot characters tubik arts

fizzy drinks cartoon characters tubikarts

Fizzy Toons can design tubik arts

fizzy drink can design tubikarts

Fizzy Toons drink cans design tubik

fizzy drink brand poster tubikarts

Pasta Brand Packaging

This project on neat and tasty packaging design and marketing graphics was made for a modern pasta brand. Check design ideas for different types of boxes, posters, jar labels, and discount cards, all employing stylish and contrasting geometric illustrations crafted for the project and easily applicable to various marketing objectives.

pasta packaging design boxes tubikarts

pasta packaging design tubikarts

pasta brand packaging design tubikarts

pasta brand packaging design sauce jars tubikarts

pasta brand packaging design big boxes tubikarts

pasta brand identity posters design tubikarts

pasta brand identity discount card tubikarts

Ceramic Vases Brand Visual Identity

This design is inspired by the beauty of flowers. For this project, we created original packaging boxes and marketing graphics with sophisticated artwork and typography for the brand that produces handmade ceramic vases and interior décor for flowers and plants.

vase brand packaging design tubikarts

ceramic vase brand packaging 3d tubikarts

vase brand packaging design tubikarts

vase brand packaging design tubikarts

vase brand poster design tubikarts

ceramic vases brand packaging case study tubikarts

vase brand posters tubikarts

vases brand tote bag design tubikarts

Sports Events Posters Set

Enjoy the energy of an active life with this graphic design project. The objective was to create a consistent set of cheerful illustration posters and various marketing graphics to promote sports and fitness events.

sports event posters tubikarts

sports events posters design tubikarts

sports event billboard design tubikarts

marathon billboard design tubikarts

marathon event poster tubikarts

sports event branded bag design tubikarts

branded bracelets sports event tubikarts

Surfing Service Identity

Here’s another project that shares the vibes of an active lifestyle, as well as refreshing waves, bright sun, and surfing joy. In this case, we worked on the brand identity concept with an animated logo and custom surfboard design for the service of hiring boards and gear for surfing.

surfing service logo design tubik arts

New design case studies and collections from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

More Design Case Studies

Here’s a set of more case studies sharing the design solutions and approaches for some of the graphic design projects done by the Tubik team.

Love Sign. Gift Box Packaging Design with Romantic Vibes

PierSide. Packaging Design for Tinned Fish Brand

KOISI Tokyo. Packaging Design for Japanese Restaurant

Sidra Vivo. Vibrant Packaging Design for Cider Brand

Christmas Fair. Graphic Design for Winter Marketing Campaign

Black Friday. Graphic Design for Marketing Campaign

Fairytale. Picture Book Illustrations and Design

Aqua Dudes. Cartoonish Packaging Design for Fish Food Brand

Herteas. Packaging Design for Herbal Tea Brand

Nutribite. Tasty Packaging Design for Granola Bars

Milkimu. Packaging and Marketing Design for Dairy Brand

Dance Festival. Creating a Set of Event Poster Designs

Soaplanet. Soap Brand Packaging Design with Travel Spirit

Joossi. Packaging Design and Marketing Graphics for Juice Brand

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