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Branding Business Case Study Illustration

Case Study: Nutribite. Tasty Packaging Design for Granola Bars

Attractive and vibrant visual identity design for the brand of healthy snacks: check a consistent packaging design for granola bars with original illustrations.

With the new case study, let us give you a sneak peek at the fresh, tasty graphic design project: here, we have worked on creating an attractive and vibrant visual identity design concept for the brand of healthy snacks.

The project was accomplished by tubik designers Vlad Radionov and Maryna Solomennykova, with art direction by Sergii Valiukh.

The primary objective of this project was to develop an extended and consistent packaging design system for healthy and natural granola bars. The bright, warm, and natural color palette, eye-pleasing atmospheric illustrations, and elegant readable typography together worked to achieve the goal and make the product visually and emotionally appealing.

The illustrations for this food brand share the atmosphere of enjoying summer nature, fresh air, tasty fruit, sweet honey, and crunchy nuts. Also, the artwork features people gathering the ingredients included in the snacks, and this way adds a strong human element to the general mood. Deliberately broken proportions of some elements, shapes flowing into each other and interweaving into intricate combinations, textures, and noise effects make the images even more playful, cozy, and friendly.

The packaging design for a granola bar uses a split scheme, with one half featuring an illustration and another meant for only bold and readable text part, quickly informing about the nature of the product and its ingredients. Each type of bar has its own primary color, and in general, the colors used for different bars keep the level of contrast that makes the wanted type easily distinguished on the store shelves or baskets.

granola bar packaging design illustration tubikarts

granola bar packaging design tubikarts

granola_bar honey packaging tubikarts design

granola_bars packaging tubikarts

The same approach was consistently stretched to the design of bigger boxes that provide packaging for the set of granola bars.

granola_bar box packaging tubikarts design

Also, the team thought over a set of advertising posters to make the brand more known and recognized and attract people to try the snacks.

granola_bar advertising posters tubikarts

granola_bar packaging design tubikarts

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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