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Branding Case Study Illustration

Case Study: Bikker. Identity Design and Illustrations for Biking Service

Check the brand identity design concept and a set of elegant illustrations tubik agency created for the service improving the biking experience and performance.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving,” Albert Einstein once said, philosophically comparing life to cycling, one of the sports and outdoor activities that has been popular all over the world for many good decades. The graphic design project we want to uncover in this brief case study is also inspired by the amazing and refreshing power of riding a bike: welcome to take a glance at the identity design concept and a set of elegant illustrations we created for the service aimed at improving the biking experience and performance.

The project was accomplished by tubik designers Arthur Avakyan and Ladamira Kunitsa, with art direction by Sergii Valiukh.

The design process for the project included three creative tasks:

  • logo design and brand color palette
  • motion design: logo animation and promo animation concept
  • illustration set for marketing graphics

In this brand identity design concept, the team strived to combine dynamics and openness, making it solid and vibrant simultaneously to transfer the essence and nature of cycling, the activity combining balance and motion. So, the color choice fell upon the contrastive combination of deep dark Coarse Wool color with a set of earthy pastel colors, energetic but not overwhelming, refreshing and poised.

The logo presents the combination mark, the parts of which can effectively work either together or separately, depending on the marketing task and promotional material. The typographic part is bold and dynamic, the symbol echoes the shape of a bike, and the bike frame overlaps the form of the letter k in the typographic part of the logo, this way making them perceived like one integral sign.

biker service logo design tubik agency

The next step was breathing life into the logo with the motion to make the animated version that could be used for various branding goals, for example, as a loading animation for the splash screen of the application, website, or landing page, as a part of the animated promo video, and the like. The lively and playful logo animation amplified the visual connection between the symbol and the works connecting them via the kk-letterform.

And here’s a look at the piece of 3D animation, extending the idea of how the style could be applied to merch and promotional videos.

Another task for the project was creating a set of illustrations that captured the diversity of biker characters which could be used for various online or offline materials letting customers learn about the service and engaging to use it, such as posters, banners, cards, landing pages, and the like. The visual sketch-like style is artistic and dynamic, using the same limited color palette and elegant lines to create the atmosphere.

bike rider tubikarts illustration blog

bike rider brand tubikarts illustration blog

biker service illustration landscape tubikarts blog

biker break illustration tubik arts blog

biking view brand illustration tubikarts

city biker tubikarts illustration blog

city bikers travel tubikarts case study blog

And here’s a look at testing the illustration style applied to advertising posters and banners, which could be used both in printed versions and in social media or web marketing.

biker service identity posters design tubik agency

biker service logo tubik design

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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