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Branding Business Case Study

Case Study: Milkimu. Packaging and Marketing Design for Dairy Brand

Have fun with a super cute and tasty graphic design project in which our team developed the identity design, packaging, and marketing graphics for a dairy brand.

A new case study is up to share a super cute and tasty graphic design project that will fill your day with the sunny vibes of yummy childhood: here, our team developed the identity design concept, packaging, and marketing graphics for a dairy brand.

The project was accomplished by tubik designers Arthur Avakyan and Maryna Solomennykova, with art direction by Sergii Valiukh.

The design process for the dairy brand identity and packaging project included the following creative tasks:

  • logo design and brand color palette
  • a consistent set of funny illustrations and graphic elements in a watercolor manner echoing the style of picture books for children
  • different types of packaging designs for milk and yogurt
  • design for marketing visuals and branded items

The general approach to the brand identity followed the idea of sharing the emotion of a healthy lifestyle and cheerfulness, so the color palette, logo design, typography, and illustration style all followed that idea. The colors for the brand are natural, calming, and earthy, associated with fruit, vegetables, sun, grass, and funny cows. The logo for the brand is a wordmark presented in a cartoonish, playful typographic style. It sets a well-balanced combination with other brand fonts: decorative handwriting font for some taglines and readable, simple sans-serif font for descriptive and factual information.

Packaging Design

The packaging design stage included developing a set of various types of milk cartons and bottles, as well as packaging design for yogurt pots and branded delivery boxes of large capacity. All the product packaging uses airy and light background, which creates a universal canvas for the endearing illustrations. The delivery boxes step aside from this approach and use yellow as the primary color.

milk packaging design tubikarts

Big milk carton design

milk cartons tubikarts packaging design

Small milk carton design

glass bottle milk packaging design tubik

Glass bottle for milk and branded stickers

dairy brand yogurt packaging tubikarts design

Yogurt packaging design

dairy brand packaging and graphics tubikarts

Big delivery boxes design

Marketing Graphics and Branded Items

The next stage of this brand identity design project involved consistent creative solutions for advertising materials, namely posters, and billboards, to be effectively used indoors and outdoors to increase brand recognizability and awareness. Also, we developed some branded merch, for example, jigsaw puzzle toys that could also work as cup or glass coasters, various stickers, pacifiers, and baby bottles, all featuring the brand graphics and funny cows. In addition, the bright and catchy livery was thought over for the branded truck, used as a portable outdoor point-of-sale.

poster design dairy brand tubikarts

Outdoor advertising poster

outdoor advertising poster tubikarts milk brand

Advertising poster

branded van dairy products tubikarts

Branded truck livery design

branded coaster design dairy product tubik arts

Jigsaw-puzzle coasters design

baby bottle dairy brand tubikarts

Branded baby bottle design

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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