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Case Study: Joossi. Packaging Design and Marketing Graphics for Juice Brand

Juicy and cheerful case study about a bright project on original packaging design and marketing graphics created as a part of visual identity for a juice brand.

Let us make your day juicy and cheerful with a story about our fresh, bright graphic design project. This time, we invite you to take a glance at the original packaging design and marketing graphics the tubik team created as a part of the general visual identity concept for a juice brand. Have fun and catch the vibe!

The project was accomplished by tubik designers Roma Chornyi and Yaroslava Yatsuba, with art direction by Sergii Valiukh.

The design process for the juice brand identity project included the following creative tasks:

  • logo design and brand color palette
  • a consistent set of illustrations
  • packaging design for different tastes of juice and types of packaging
  • design for marketing visuals and advertising promoting the brand

The major emotion the brand strives to share is liveliness and cheer, which it adds to everyday life; it reflects the idea of juice which makes life bright, healthy, and energetic, and shares that idea in each and every point of contact with the customer.

The logo design for the brand is fun and playful: it is a wordmark that uses neat and simple sans-serif font but plays with the double o uniting two letters into one shape, original yet readable and recognizable. The brand palette is vibrant and multicolored, inspired by the colors of fruit and berries.

juice brand packaging logo tubikarts

Working on general visual identity and the packaging design in particular, the team decided to employ a set of funny geometric illustrations as a part of the style, uniting all the types of visual brand communication with the buyer into one universe of funny characters. So, the illustrator generated a flexible system of characters and graphic elements that could work efficiently for different identity items and environments. Here’s how it works on juice cartons and juice bottles.

juice brand cartons design tubikarts

juice brand packaging logo tubikarts

juice brand packaging logo tubikarts

juice brand packaging logo tubikarts

The same approach was stretched on the extended set of marketing graphics, in particular, street sign, vibrant posters, and billboards for indoor and outdoor advertising.

juice brand posters tubikarts

juice brand poster design tubikarts

juice brand poster tubikarts

juice brand identity tubikarts

juice brand billboard tubikarts

juice brand packaging tubikarts

And as a couple more details in the visual identity system, we’ve transformed illustrations into a bunch of funny stickers and considered the stylistic template for a landing page section.

juice brand illustrations tubikarts

juice brand packaging tubikarts



New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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