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Branding Business Case Study Illustration

Case Study: Lagerby Llama. Mascot Design for Ecommerce

Check the creative process on a cute friendly mascot design for Lagerby ecommerce: marketing illustrations for animal mascot developed to enhance brand communication and visual storytelling.

Let’s unveil another mascot design project. In this brief case study, we invite you to look at the cute and friendly mascot we designed for Lagerby in collaboration with the Pimento agency.

Lagerby is an e-commerce marketplace based in Denmark. It wished to add a mascot to different touchpoints for communication with customers. Their choice fell on a llama mascot, which aimed to present various visual hints and scenarios and add emotionality and friendliness to the customer experience. So, the task for us was to develop the mascot character art that would fit the general brand style of the platform and would meet their business objectives.

The project was accomplished by tubik artist Maryna Solomennykova under project management by Olga Syrotkina.

The first creative stage was sketching. Firstly, sketches were an effective and quick way for the artist to offer the client different style versions of character art.






lagerby lama mascot design tubik arts sketches 1


lagerby lama mascot design tubik arts sketches

lagerby lama mascot design tubik arts sketches

Secondly, when the idea of the general character image was chosen, sketching allowed for basic visualization of different scenes and compositions the client’s product required from the mascot to quickly check that the artist and the client were on the same page before moving to work on the polished digital illustrations.

lagerby lama mascot design tubik arts sketches

lagerby lama mascot design tubik arts sketches

The next step was the art and design stage, at which the artist breathed life, color, and emotions into the set of character illustrations featuring the mascot in different situations connected to the topics of ecommerce, shopping, delivery, and the like. The warm cheerful color palette was chosen to make the character flexible for various usage environments and to fit the existing brand stylistic approach. Scroll down, check the extended set of mascot illustrations, and have fun.


llama mascot lagerby tubik arts

llama mascot art tubikarts design

lama mascot design tubik art

lagerby llama mascot tubik arts design

pimento lama mascot design tubikarts

lagerby lama mascot design tubikarts


New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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