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8 Bright Packaging Design Projects Employing Illustration Art

Check an attractive and smart bunch of functional and artistic packaging design concepts using custom illustrations created to cover a variety of business and marketing goals.

A fresh collection of graphic design concepts crafted by the tubik team is up, so welcome to review. This time it gathers an attractive and smart set of functional and artistic packaging design concepts and impressive identity design ideas created to cover a variety of goals. Below you will find a bunch of designs created in different styles and following different design approaches, but all of them united with employing the power of illustration art to make catchy and original packaging that helps the business get more noticeable in today’s tight competition and transfer the mood and emotion behind the brand. Enjoy and get inspired!

Stationery Packaging

This project will add to your day the vibes of bright and unlimited creativity which children teach us. Take a glance at a piece of packaging design set for the stationery brand targeted at arts and crafts for kids. This graphic design is based on vibrant and cheerful original illustrations designed for each item to transfer the consistent feeling of children’s endless creative energy and happiness of being involved in the art process. Here are examples of boxes for colored pencils and plasticine, as well as the notebook cover design.

pencils stationery packaging design tubikarts

Plasticine packaging design tubikarts

stationery brand graphic design tubikarts

Candles Packaging

This graphic project reflects the fun, joy, and refreshing nature of winter in the packaging design for the winter edition of the candles brand. Look at the labels and boxes designed with custom illustration patterns for the candles with fresh snow and pine forest aroma.

candle packaging illustration design tubik arts

candle boxes design tubikarts

candle packaging design tubik arts

candles packaging tubik arts design

case study winter candles packaging tubik arts

Perfume Packaging

For decades and centuries, people have been mystified and amazed by the power of fragrances and their impact on human mood and memories, so no wonder perfumery has grown into a huge industry and ignited many successful businesses. This graphic design project also touches on that theme: look at the minimalistic packaging design and custom 3D illustrations for the perfume bottle based on flower fragrances.

perfume brand bottle design tubikarts

parfumes packaging box design tubik arts


Holiday Cake Packaging

This seasonal project is devoted to winter holidays, filled with fun, tasty things, time together, and hopes for another bright year. The graphic design concept features the idea for the custom winter holiday packaging for the famous Kyiv Cake, with original illustrations sharing the festive atmosphere.

Kyiv Cake holiday packaging tubik arts illustration

Cake holiday packaging tubikarts illustrations

Kyiv_Cake packaging design concept tubik

Wine Packaging

Catch the festive vibes with one more graphic design project inspired by the winter holidays: here’s a glance at the custom wine bottle labels design with bright original illustrations for the special Christmas edition.

holiday wine bottle design tubikarts illustration

holiday wine bottles packaging tubikarts

holiday edition wine bottles design

holiday wine bottles packaging tubik

holiday wine labels design tubikarts

Jam Packaging

Look at our vibrant graphic design project and catch the vibes of sweet and fragrant fruit and berries. Here, we worked on packaging design for a brand of handcrafted jams and used original illustration patterns for a bright and cheerful visual style. Take a look at the consistent set of jam jar labels with juicy illustrations to give every jar a unique look but also unite them together into one recognizable and solid brand image.

jam packaging design case study tubikarts

jam packaging design lemon label tubikarts

jam packaging design pomegranate tubikarts

jam packaging design fig tubikarts

Jam jars packaging design tubikarts

Jam jar packaging labels design tubikarts

jam jar design packaging art tubikarts

Chocolate Bars Packaging

Feel the taste of sweet tenderness in our graphic design project. Here’s a glance at the elegant and neat packaging design with custom artistic graphics we developed as a part of the brand identity design for a chocolate brand.

Each chocolate bar gets an original look due to a specific color and sophisticated illustrations featuring the fruit added to this type of chocolate. The typography plays on the contrast of logo wordmark using beautiful decorative font and text descriptions performing in readable sans-serif font with visual accents on the type of chocolate and the type of fruit filling. Together, this approach gives this set of items an attractive, diverse, recognizable, and consistent appearance.

Chocolate bar design tubik arts

Chocolate bar packaging design tubik

Chocolate packaging design tubikarts

Chocolate bar packaging design tubikarts graphic

Chocolate bars packaging tubikarts

Chocolate brand packaging design tubik

Chocolate bars packaging design case study

Fruit Water Packaging

This graphic design is inspired by the vital energy of water. Here, we worked on a packaging design project for a brand of water with different fruit flavors. The design approach is built around the set of atmospheric custom illustrations with picturesque landscapes and buildings specially made for each taste of water.

fruit water packaging can design tubikarts

fruit water packaging design tubikarts

water cans design tubikarts

case study fruit water cans design tubik

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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