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Case Study: SwitLuv. Theme Packaging Design About Love for Sweets Brand

Check bright and romantic case study on the theme packaging design with original illustrations for the special Valentine's Day edition of the sweets brand.

Let us give you a glance at the recent graphic design projects filled with the vibes of love, romance, and affection. Welcome to check the bright and romantic case study on the packaging design with original illustrations for the brand of sweets, chocolates, and desserts.

valentine chocolates packaging tubikarts

The project was accomplished by tubik designers Maryna Solomennykova and Yaroslav Manzheliy, with art direction by Sergii Valiukh.

The design process for the concept included the following creative tasks:

  • development of the visual storytelling idea and general style approach
  • creating a consistent set of custom brand illustrations reflecting the theme of love and romance
  • packaging design

The major idea of visual storytelling and the vibe the brand wanted to share was built around the diversity of love and appreciation for the beloved people. The objective was to make a box of sweets look like a perfect gift to share sweet love with someone. The idea had a marketing design basis and was set for the special edition of chocolate boxes for St Valentine’s Day.

So, the set of bright and cheerful illustrations featuring loving couples was created to reflect the idea. Keeping the same consistent style, the illustrations together created a story of seeing affectionate couples spending time together and caring about each other, and on the boxes, they are presented in a way as if you see them through the window, which adds cozy, homey, and cheerful emotional appeal to the packaging design.

The contrasting color palette and neat typography, together with heart shapes integrated unobtrusively into the box design, supported the atmosphere and mood, wrapping the love stories shared via the illustration into an elegant and sophisticated product image.

Below, you can see the outcome of the creative process.

love romantic sweets tubikarts illustrations

love sweets packaging tubik arts

romantic sweets box design illustration tubikarts

romantic sweets box design tubikarts

love sweets packaging illustration tubikarts

And here’s a glance at the templates of small greeting cards that could be put into the box or used for other marketing goals.

cards templates tubikarts romantic sweets

cards romantic branding tubikarts

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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