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Branding Case Study Illustration

Case Study: Sidra Vivo. Vibrant Packaging Design for Cider Brand

Check out the creative process on packaging design and marketing graphics for the brand of fruit cider with various tastes, employing bright custom illustrations.

Sip the energy of fruit and fun with our new graphic design project. This case study unveils the creative process of packaging design and marketing graphics for the brand of fruit cider with various tastes, employing a bunch of bright custom illustrations and wrapped in a vibrant color palette.

The project was accomplished by tubik designers Arthur Avakyan and Yaroslava Yatsuba, with art direction by Sergii Valiukh.

The design process included the following creative tasks:

  • creating a consistent set of theme illustrations and graphic elements
  • packaging design system for different tastes of cider
  • design for marketing visuals and advertising graphics

Working on the illustrations, the digital artist developed the set of people characters and intertwined them with fruit elements, providing an instant visual connection with the particular tastes of cider, apple, pear, and cherries. The illustrations also feature graphics patterns, botanical elements, and birds echoing the atmosphere of a fruit farm, which contribute to the general mood and add fun and liveliness due to the dynamic composition.

cider packaging illustration tubikarts

apple pear cider packaging illustration tubikarts

cider packaging illustration art tubikarts

And here’s how the illustration art was integrated into drink can designs for diverse cider tastes.

apple cider can design packaging tubik arts

pear cider tubikarts packaging design

cider can graphic design tubikarts

packaging design cider cans tubikarts

Further, the design approach was stretched on the bulk packaging for cans and glass bottle label design.

cider brand packaging design case study tubikarts

cider bottle label design tubikarts

After the packaging design, the next stage required thinking over the advertising and marketing graphics materials enhancing brand recognizability and awareness, such as posters and stickers.

cider brand advertising tubikarts

cider brand marketing graphics tubikarts

cider brand stickers design tubik

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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