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15 Useful YouTube Channels for Designers

The article shares bright and helpful YouTube channels on design: tutorials, expert tips, live streams and much more.

When it comes to learning, what do you prefer? Reading textual descriptions or watching animated explanations?

Since humans are visual creatures, we tend to perceive images and videos a whole lot faster than texts. Also, remembering a concrete image is easier than remembering abstract words. That’s why video tutorials are extremely popular among all learners.

Probably YouTube is the first video platform that comes to your mind. YouTube connects you with thousands of tutorials, interviews, reviews, and vlogs that experts or enthusiasts upload to their channels.

Today, we’ve made a list of fifteen YouTube channels for designers related to graphic design, UI/UX design, branding, and career development. Enjoy watching!

video speeches for UI UX designers


Nathaniel Dodson is a web designer and celebrity-style portrait photographer. At the age of thirteen, Nathaniel came up with an idea to start a new business every year. He wanted to present his businesses online and started researching website builders and web design tools. And that’s when he discovered Photoshop and started practicing. A few times a week, Nathaniel uploads videos where he shares Adobe tips and tricks.

Yes I’m a Designer

The Yes I’m a Designer channel is managed by certified Adobe design master and instructor Martin Perhiniak. Martin gives advice on designing with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and provides valuable tips on compositional techniques.

Spoon Graphics

Chris Spooner is the guy behind Spoon Graphics. Right after getting his bachelor’s degree Chris started working in the creative industry. During this time, he developed his blog, Spoon Graphics, which helped him to start his own business and make a name in the digital design industry in the UK and abroad. Chris’s tutorials will help you to learn more about graphic design.

Will Paterson

Will Paterson’s name is recognized among designers. Will went to college to study business administration. After two years in college, he started to wonder about professional perspectives and realized that he didn’t want to write reports; he wanted to do something creative instead. Will started practicing with Photoshop and felt an increasing passion for design.

Will has a massive audience on YouTube and Instagram where he shares logo design principles and calligraphy techniques. He also talks about pitfalls of freelancing and shares valuable tips on working with clients.

You can check out Will’s book Learn in 15 Minutes: Calligraphy:15 exercises, 15 letterforms, 15 variations

Mike Locke

Mike first tried his hand at web design in 1995. He taught himself how to build a website and developed a small one for a family friend for $300. A few months later, Mike got his first full-time job related to web design and started his career in the corporate world. Among his employers have been, FOX, Yahoo! and CBS. Mike believes that people don’t need to have a degree to get started in web design. Numerous online educational resources allow anyone to get the knowledge necessary for developing design skills.

On his YouTube channel, Mike talks about UI and UX design and shares information that is useful for career growth. He talks to his audience in a simple and friendly way, which makes learning easy and enjoyable.


Charli has always been creative. As a child, she started to craft her own magazine layouts making collages from pieces of other magazines. When she was 15, Charli realized that she actually could transform her passion into a full-time job and become a designer. Studying in university, she got her first experience by designing t-shirts and selling them online to her Tumblr followers.

Nowadays, Charli is a web and graphic designer based in London. She answers design- and career-related questions and shows her daily life on Youtube.

The Futur

The Futur is a well-known YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers. This channel might be useful for freelance designers or people who plan to start their own design agencies. The Futur team talks about building a personal brand, gaining clients, and running a creative business.


Evan Abrams says that he was a tragically bad artist when he was a child. Anyway, it didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most well-known motion designers.

Evan posts high-quality YouTube content devoted to motion graphics and visual effects design. You can find a bunch of amazing techniques for using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator in Evan’s videos.

Creative Station

If you enjoy speed art you will love this channel. You won’t find any tutorials there; instead, you’ll experience aesthetic pleasure watching digital art in progress. Since Creative Station accepts submissions, so you may upload your speed art to promote your own YouTube channel and discover some amazing artists to follow.


TipTut is a YouTube channel with almost 50,000 followers. It provides beginner and intermediate level tutorials on Adobe Creative software. Check TipTut for software and hardware reviews, design tutorials, and interviews with creative people.


If you’re interested in both design and development, you’ll find Gary Simon’s channel interesting. Gary has extensive experience in graphic design and frontend development. He’s created online courses for such reputable resources as TutsPlus, Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, and Lynda. Gary films videos about UI/UX design, graphic design, and frontend and backend development.


Daniel White started practicing design when he was about sixteen years old. He specializes in user interface and experience design. Daniel mainly uses the Adobe suite, but he also works with Sketch and Invision tools.

The Art of Aaron Blaise

Do you want to hear practical tips from an illustrator who was involved in creating The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast? Then look at Aaron Blaise’s channel. Aaron is an animation feature film director and wildlife artist. For 21 years, Aaron has been working for Disney. In 2004, he earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature Film as a co-director of Brother Bear. Aaron gladly shares his experience that he’s gotten over the last thirty years as an artist.


If you’re looking for Cinema 4D tutorials, you should definitely check out the Eyedesyn YouTube channel. There, you’ll find numerous videos on motion graphics design and some insightful interviews with Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects artists.


This channel is managed by calligraphy artist Mücahit Aydınhan based in Istanbul. Mücahit films awesome handwriting videos that are both eye-pleasing and educational.


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