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Branding Business Case Study Illustration

Case Study: Black Friday. Graphic Design for Marketing Campaign

An overview of the daring and catchy graphic design and illustrations for the vibrant Black Friday marketing campaign on massive clothes and accessories sales.

Catch the vibes of shopping madness with our fresh project. Here, we worked on a daring and catchy design concept for the Black Friday marketing campaign on massive clothes and accessories sales. Let us give you a brief introduction to the creative outcome.

The project was accomplished by tubik artist Maryna Solomennykova, with art direction by Sergii Valiukh.

The primary task behind this case was to develop a set of graphic items that are consistent and flexible to be used for both online and offline promotional goals. So, the project scope required thinking from the perspective of illustration approach, graphic design, web design, and advertising items.

The design approach is based upon the playful and vibrant illustration style, with rough details and bold color combinations. The campaign is aimed at the young adult audience, so the artistic style is daring and trendy, using vibrant shades, catchy details, and funny characters.

The typography contrast also supports that approach, combining puffy cartoonish lettering with bold sans-serif font and using prominent capital letters for text elements. The graphics also feature a variety of clothes, footwear, and accessories to give a strong visual connection with the type of offered goods on sale.

So, based on that, the designer created a system of illustrations and graphics that could be used on website sections or landing pages for the campaign as well as to be easily transformed into advertising materials. Take a look at them below.

black friday landing page tubikarts

Hero image for the website or landing page

black friday illustration tubik arts

Illustrative banner design giving visual connection to the fashion theme

black friday items illustration tubikarts

Original pack of graphics illustrating categories of items on sale

black friday illustrations design tubikarts

Advertising banner announcing sales and bonuses

black friday illustration marketing design tubik arts

A set of illustrations on the Black Friday shopping theme to use as stickers, badges, or interface elements

And here’s how the style and set of graphics were stretched on the bunch of printed marketing stuff, such as posters and stickers, to strengthen promotion efforts and increase the number of touchpoints with potential buyers.

black friday posters tubik arts design

black friday marketing graphics tubikarts

black friday stickers tubik arts graphic design

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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