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Dainty UI Design Projects Inspired by Food and Drinks

Enjoy the diversity of web and mobile user interface designs inspired by the timeless and never-ending love of mankind to produce and enjoy food and drinks.

“Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity,” Louise Fresco once said. Our today’s design collection also echoes these ideas and presents the diversity of web and mobile user interface concepts created by tubik designers and inspired by the timeless and never-ending love of mankind to produce and enjoy food and drinks. Here, you will find websites and mobile applications employing different design styles and approaches, and covering different goals and solving various users’ problems: check manufacture and e-commerce interfaces, recipe collections and cooking guides, educational resources, restaurant and delivery services, some niche and narrowly ones while others aimed at a broad audience. Still, all of them are deliciously united with the wish of presenting food and beverage in the best light.

Wine Producer Ecommerce Website

Enjoy the deep taste of wine art in our design content of the elegant and informative ecommerce winery website, inviting and engaging the visitors to know more about the products, history, and benefits of the brand, learn how the wine is produced, and buy the bottle or two they find their perfect fit. Stylish color combinations, sophisticated typography with a pinch of creativity, beautiful photo content, custom line illustrations, and well-arranged information and interaction elements together make the user experience engaging, eye-pleasing, and intuitive for the brand customers.

winery website design tubik

winemakers ecommerce website tubik design

winery website on mobile tubik design

case study winery website design tubik

Water Brand Website

This air, neat, and exquisite design was created for the atmospheric ecommerce website of a niche water brand. Well-arranged content, a combination of impressive videos and photos, a limited color palette creating an atmosphere and literal feeling of freshness, custom graphics, solid visual hierarchy, and smooth motion design make the website captivating and informative for visitors.

water ecommerce website tubik design

water brand mobile website tubik

case study water brand ecommerce website tubik

Niche Egg Product Ecommerce Website

This catchy and original website and packaging design was created for the niche food product, liquid eggs, for easier cooking and convenient storage. Friendly and bright colors, inspirational packaging style, trendy and readable typography, a mix of various types of images, and smooth motion make the customer experience enjoyable from the first seconds. The content is separated into skimmable and not-overloaded sections that feature different approaches to data visualization, such as infographics, tags, tables, text bulk sets, informative icons, etc.

egg ecommerce web design tubik studio

In this web design project, one of the key aspects that activate the wow effect and make the interactions engaging and impressive is web animation of different kinds.



Learn more about the project in the case study on creating a niche food product e-commerce website.

Drinks Delivery App

This project welcomes everyone to dive into vibes of fun and party with the bright project we worked on for Heineken Mexico. Take a glance at Glup, a bright and functional mobile application that allows users to buy beer and associated stuff like snacks, cups, and the like and get the orders delivered quickly. The task for our team was to develop the branding and user experience design for the Glup mobile app, consistently reflecting brand identity and aesthetics, making the customer experience integral, engaging, and smooth.

glup case study tubik design mobile app

glup case study tubik design checkout screen app

glup case study tubik design

glup case study tubik design landing page

Learn more about the project in the detailed Glup design case study.

Wildfarm Drinks Ecommerce Website

Here’s another project sharing the healthy energy of natural beverages. Review the atmospheric design for the e-commerce website of a company that produces and sells a diversity of teas and drinks based on plants and flowers grown on a wild farm in conditions as close to wild as possible. The web pages are filled with light and air; photos and videos share the atmosphere of harmony in the wild fields; sophisticated decorative typography and custom graphics make the page look emotional and stylish. The well-crafted navigation supporting effectively structured catalog and product pages enhances the process of purchase.

wildfarm drinks ecommerce website case study tubik

Bartending School Website

Sip some elegance and style with this web design concept for the bartending school and courses for those who strive for knowledge and practice in the sphere. Stylish layout playing with typographic hierarchy, thoughtfully employed contrast and negative space, well-arranged theme photo and video content, smooth motion, custom graphics, and cool trendy mask shapes of glasses together make the pages not only informative but also eye-pleasing and emotional.

bartending school website design tubik

bartending school website design tubik

bartender school web design

barman school website tubik design

Drink Recipes App

This app design is filled with the vibes of a party or relaxation after a hard day. Here’s a mobile application with a big base of recipes and guides on how to make various soft and alcoholic drinks. The dark background sets the atmosphere of a bar or restaurant and adds depth and elegance to the photo and video content. Solid visual hierarchy, intuitive navigation, and data visualization help users feel confident.

drink guide app tubik design

Party Drink Landing Page

This vibrant and cheerful landing page is targeted at young and active people and promotes a brand of party drinks, and it obviously fills each second with party vibes. The bright color palette, smooth, engaging scroll, and motion graphics work well together with bright branded images of the drink cans as the main element of the layout composition. Tags help to make the process of choice interactive.

drinks ecommerce web design tubik

Chinese Restaurant Website

Here’s the website designed to grow the Chinese restaurant’s web presence, aiming to attract young guests. This design is bright and dynamic, using original grids, stylish photos, prominent and catchy text elements, and animated eye-pleasing details. Again, the approach of a split-screen layout is used, creating two zones on the page: one shares the photo and sets the mood, while another allows the visitor to quickly scan all the needed information or interact with the menu.

chinese restaurant mobile website tubik design

chinese restaurant mobile website tubik design

Juice Brand Ecommerce Website

This web design will add a pinch of juicy brightness to your day. Here’s an eye-catching website created to promote a brand of natural juices. Vibrant colors, lovely photos, and prominent product presentation supported with smooth motion effects to make the page lively and engaging and send a positive message to the customers.

Bartending Encyclopedia Website

This website is devoted to the theme of bartending and presents a sort of online encyclopedia telling about various drinks and cocktails. Custom photo content, trendy split-screen structure, and sophisticated typography make the web pages beautiful and set a strong emotional appeal.

bartending website design

bartending website design tubik

bartending encyclopedia web design

New web and mobile design collections and design case studies by our team are coming soon – don’t miss the updates!

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