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Web Design: 11 Diverse Functional and Awe-Inspiring Website Designs

Check an attractive and smart set of impressive web design ideas created to cover a variety of goals, from business and e-commerce to education, innovations, and healthcare.

The new collection of web design concepts crafted by the tubik team is up, so welcome to review. This time it gathers an attractive and smart set of functional web layouts and impressive design ideas created to cover a variety of goals from business and e-commerce to education, innovations, and healthcare. Below you will find a bunch of designs created in different styles and following different design approaches. Still, all of them are united with one objective to help the business or institution get more noticeable in today’s tight competition and make their clients satisfied and happy. Enjoy and get inspired!

University Website

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet,” Aristotle said, and through ages and generations, this thought keeps actual and truthful. This design project was also inspired by the education theme: the university website concept, neat and functional, friendly and informative, with a positive user experience supported by solid composition and visual hierarchy, thoughtful content arrangement, and smooth animation.

university website design concept tubik

university website design tubik agency

university website design tubik

university website design

university website mobile design tubik

Neon Signs Ecommerce Website

This e-commerce website was designed for the company selling a variety of neon signs to help businesses and interesting spots stand out from the crowd. The dark background and elegantly integrated animation make the abstract graphics and bold taglines even more atmospheric, while a clear layout and intuitive navigation help users quickly find what they want. The product page demonstrates a well-thought-out approach to organizing different information and ways to tune the offered item.

mobile website ecommerce neon signs tubik design

Clinic Website

Here’s the web design project connected to the healthcare theme: it’s the clinic website, elegant and balanced, airy and credible, supported with the neat content arrangement, eye-pleasing and harmonious color palette, engaging interactions, and smooth motion. Solid visual hierarchy and different types of contrast used wisely help to make the web pages scannable and well-structured.

clinic website design tubik studio

clinic website mobile design tubik

clinic website case study tubik design

Astrology Website

This web design concept is deep, mystic, and captivating: it’s done for the website devoted to astrology and zodiacs, inviting visitors to the endless universe of mysteries and energies. Most pages use text content as the core element of composition and communication with the visitors, so typography plays a vital role in setting the mood, supported by the interesting combination of photos, line illustrations, and custom 3D graphics, stylish and hypnotic web animation, attractive visuals, and harmonious composition. Catch the atmosphere!

astrology website design stone page tubik

astrology website design tubik studio

astrology website design tubik blog

Tech Product Website

Take a glance at the user experience design project devoted to a tech product helping people cope with hearing disabilities using innovative technologies and live their life to full. Check the design solutions for an elegant, eye-pleasing, and informative website design promoting the product and uncovering its benefits, as well as enhancing the general online presence of the company producing innovative tech products.

hearing support tech product case study tubik 01

hearing support tech product case study tubik 04

Musical Instruments Producer Website

This is a website design concept for the company producing and selling different musical instruments: bold typography, deep dark background, prominent 3D graphics, elegant and brutal layouts, and smooth eye-pleasing animation make it informative, atmospheric, and attractive.

musical instruments producer ecommerce website

musical instruments producer website tubik design

musical instruments product page tubik

musical instruments producer website tubik

music instruments website

musical instruments mobile website tubik

Gin School Website

This web design project will let you feel the taste of strong drinks: take a glance at the stylish and functional design for a booking website for a gin-making experience at a distillery. The website features atmospheric and informative photo content, eye-pleasing typography, smooth motion, an interactive questionnaire, and a solid visual hierarchy to make the pages easy to scan and read.

gin school website design tubik

gin school mobile website tubik design

Jazz Music Website

Here’s the captivating and functional website concept designed for Jazz Magazine, setting the online spot for those who appreciate jazz music and want to learn more about it. Bold typography, stylish color palette with a deep dark background and eye-pleasing contrasts, theme video and photo content, cool web animation, thoughtfully arranged content, and interactive elements set the mood from the first seconds and engage visitors to dive into the jazz magic.

jazz history website design

jazz magazine websie page tubik design

jazz magazine website design tubik studio

jazz history website tubik

jazz music magazine tubik studio

Kids Health Website

Catch the vibes of the healthy energy of childhood with our web design project for the service providing diverse and comprehensive support to make kids’ life healthy. Vibrant colors, readable typography, solid visual hierarchy, neat minor graphics, and a well-balanced combination of photo content and custom 3D images make the pages informative, attractive, functional, and emotional.

kids health website tubik design

kids health website tubik design

kids health website tubik design

kids health website tubik design

kids health website tubik design

Pet Store Website

This cute website design concept was created for an ecommerce pet store. It uses a playful and cheerful color palette to set a positive mood and presents and arranges the content about items and their benefits in a way that is informative but also smooth and not overwhelming. The atmospheric photos and video content help to demonstrate the items in real-life conditions, and together with original cute illustrations, set solid emotional appeal from the first seconds.

petstore website design tubik

pet store mobile website tubik design

Spa Space Website

Relaxation and restoration are vital for staying strong and productive in all facets of life, and this web design project is up to share that vibe. Here’s a glance at the website design concept for the spa center. It uses a tender palette, sophisticated typography, eye-pleasing photo and video content, and smooth motion to impress visitors and immediately set the atmosphere, while the well-thought-out content organization helps to find all the needed information with no effort.

SPA space website tubik design

spa space mobile website tubik design

New web and mobile design collections and design case studies by our team are coming soon – don’t miss the updates!

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