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UI/UX Design: 10 Elegant and Handy User Interface Design Projects

Check an eye-pleasing set of functional mobile and web design concepts created to cover a variety of goals from business and ecommerce to education, innovations, and communication.

Time to review another fresh collection of UI design concepts crafted by the tubik team. This time, it gathers an eye-pleasing set of functional mobile and web layouts and impressive design ideas created to cover a variety of goals, from business and e-commerce to education, innovations, and communication. Below, you will find a bunch of inspiring interface designs created in different styles and following different design approaches. Still, all of them are united with one objective: to help the user reach their goal and solve their problems, as well as help businesses effectively communicate and sell to those who need their product or services. Enjoy and get inspired!

Poster Store Ecommerce App

This UI/UX design project is inspired by the widespread human desire to surround ourselves with the beauty of art. That is the design for the e-commerce mobile application for the poster store where customers can find their perfect poster and even try it on their own interior, this way adding the element of personalization to the customer experience. The color palette uses dark background on most screens, which works effectively for the image-driven interface. Also, the landing page was designed to promote it and amplify its online presence, keeping the consistency of style with the product and using impressive web animation effects.

poster store app design tubik

poster store app design tubik

poster app design case study tubik

Bartending School Website

Sip some elegance and style with this web design project: that’s the website for the bartending school and courses for those who strive for knowledge and practice in the sphere. Stylish layout playing with typographic hierarchy, contrast and negative space, well-arranged theme photo and video content, smooth motion, custom graphics, and cool trendy mask shapes of glasses together make the pages not only informative but also eye-pleasing and emotional.

bartending school website design tubik

bartending school website design tubik

bartender school web design

barman school website tubik design

Crypto Application

This UI/UX design concept and interactions are made for a functional and stylish crypto application helping users to dive into the diversity of the crypto world and manage all their data effectively.

crypto app design tubik

crypto application tubik design

crypto application design case study tubik

AR Based Social Network App

Here are some UI/UX and interaction design solutions for the vibrant and engaging mobile application concept of the AR-based social network. This user interface design concept combines well-recognized mental models for communication in social networks with innovative elements and approaches that consider new technologies involved in this process. In addition, the landing page was designed to strengthen the online presence and recognizability of the mobile app brand.

AI social network web design tubik

AR social network design tubik

Masterclasses Platform

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” Benjamin Franklin once said, and that’s the reason why many people never stop their education and strive to get more knowledge all the time. This UI/UX design project is aimed right at that type of audience: it is a stylish, handy, and functional educational platform where users can join a variety of masterclasses and workshops. Take a glance at the user experience, interface, and interactions for the mobile application as well as the web design for the platform.

Masterclass app design tubik agency

Masterclass mobile app design tubik

Masterclass mobile application design tubik

Masterclass app case study tubik

Fashion Marketplace Website

This sophisticated web design concept was created for a marketplace presenting an ecommerce hub for a variety of modern Ukrainian brands to be promoted and sold. The approach combines bold and daring presentations to highlight the creators and the exclusive stuff they sell, with intuitive e-commerce functionality to make the purchase process fast, convenient, and clear.

The project features the following cool brands:

ecommerce marketplace website design tubik

marketplace website design tubik

Water Brand Website

Catch the refreshing vibes with our air, neat, and exquisite design for the atmospheric ecommerce website of a niche water brand. Well-arranged content, impressive videos and photos, a limited color palette creating an atmosphere and literal feeling of freshness, custom graphics, solid visual hierarchy, and smooth motion design make the website captivating and informative for visitors.

water ecommerce website tubik design

water brand mobile website tubik

case study water brand ecommerce website tubik

Sports and Fitness App Design

This app design project is filled with the vibes of an active lifestyle, fitness energy, and a sportive focus on the goal. Take a closer look at the mobile application supporting users in their sports, fitness, and diet routine and goals, as well as at the elegant, informative, and attractive landing page uncovering the app’s benefits and engaging users to try it.

fitness app design case study tubik

fitness app design case study tubik

fitness app design case study tubik

fitness app design case study tubik

Wildfarm Drinks Ecommerce Website

Enjoy the beauty of wild nature and the healthy energy it shares with people in this web design project. Here’s the atmospheric e-commerce website of a company that produces and sells a diversity of teas and drinks based on plants and flowers grown on a wild farm in conditions as close to wild as possible. The web pages are filled with light and air; photos and videos share the atmosphere of harmony in the wild fields; sophisticated decorative typography and custom graphics make the page look emotional and stylish. And the well-crafted navigation supporting effectively structured catalog and product pages enhance the process of purchase.

wildfarm drinks ecommerce website case study tubik

Hearing Support Tech Product

This conceptual user experience design project is devoted to a tech product helping people cope with hearing disabilities using innovative technologies and live their life to full. Check the design solutions for the functional, dynamic, and stylish mobile application and elegant, eye-pleasing, and informative landing page for the product.

hearing support tech product case study tubik

hearing support tech product case study tubik

hearing support tech product case study tubik 01

hearing support tech product case study tubik 04

hearing support tech product case study tubik 02

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