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Branding Case Study Illustration

Case Study: Graneri. Artistic Granola Brand Packaging

Case study on tasty and energetic graphic design project: see packaging design and visual identity with lively cheerful illustrations for a granola brand.

One more graphic design project is up to be unveiled, tasty and energetic. In this case study, we invite you to see the packaging design and visual identity for a brand of granola and healthy breakfasts, employing cheerful custom illustrations.

granola packaging design illustration graphics tubik blog

The project was accomplished by tubik designers Arthur Avakyan and Yaroslava Yatsuba.

The design process included such creative stages:

  • idea and design approach
  • logo design and a consistent set of brand illustrations and graphic elements
  • packaging design system for granola considering different types of granola packaging
  • developing a stylistic approach for the marketing visuals that would help to strengthen and enhance the product recognizability and brand awareness

So, the team started from the generation of the style approach to decide upon a color palette and a set of graphics that would be integrated into all the branded visual communication.  The contrastive line artworks created for the project are dynamic and lively, and they present two groups: human characters and minor graphics of food ingredients. The color palette is based on sunny, warm shades of green, yellow, and orange, which, in combination with classic black and white, give designers a flexible tool for creating emotional and efficient graphic design for this marketing campaign.



The typographic choice for both packaging design and marketing materials combines a bold, prominent font for the brand name logo, a decorative calligraphic font for major text content and taglines, and a neat, readable sans-serif typeface for more text information about the product. This thoughtfully arranged typographic combination provides effective and attractive contrast and allows the addition of elegance and emotionality to the brand’s visual communication.

The packaging design stage involved working on three primary types of packaging: tubes, pouches, and labels for the transparent packets. Each of the types required its own approach and had own specific requirements. Here’s a glance at the tube packaging for the granola. This type didn’t involve much integration of illustrative graphics due to its construction, so it mostly plays with colors and typography.

Granola packaging box design tubikarts

granola packaging design illustration graphics tubikarts

granola packaging design illustration tubikarts

granola packaging design paper tubes tubik arts

granola packaging design paper tubes tubik blog

Meanwhile, pouches and transparent packet labels allowed the designers to integrate illustrations as the instant visual element sharing the vibes of cheerfulness and making the packaging catchy and recognizable on the store shelves.

granola packaging design tubik arts

granola brand packaging labels tubikarts

Also, the visual style approach was stretched on the advertising graphic design, for example, posters and billboards.

granola poster design illustration graphics tubik blog case

granola poster illustration graphics tubik blog case

New design case studies from our team are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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