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Digital Art: 50 Digital Illustrations To Please Your Eye and Soul

Enjoy a massive pack of digital artworks by tubik arts team: see beautiful 2D and 3D illustrations wrapping a variety of plots and characters in digital art.

It’s been a while since we showed you some results of our non-stop artistic exercise in digital illustrations, so it’s high time we unveiled a new massive pack of digital artwork by our team. Welcome to the diversity of images covering various themes, plots, and characters and employing different styles in beautiful 2D and 3D art by tubik artists Maryna Solomennykova, Yaroslava Yatsuba, and Oleksandra Mykhalyk. Please your eyes and soul, and get inspired by our art.

Mountain Landscape Art

“Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance,” Charles Lindbergh once mentioned, capturing the inseparable bonds of nature in its diverse manifestations and human life. This collection of digital artworks is also inspired by the beauty of atmospheric landscapes and magnificent mountains, stunning and inspiring, captivating and mysterious, whatever the season.

landscape art isolation tubikarts illustration

landscape art sunset forest tubikarts illustration

landscape art mountain night tubikarts illustration

landscape art sunny mountain tubikarts

landscape art sunny mountain tubikarts

landscape art foggy mountains tubikarts illustration

Family Business

What could unite family members better than doing something together? That’s the story behind hundreds and thousands of small family businesses worldwide, where the love for the craft and precious long-term experience is carefully and affectionately transferred from one generation to another. Many of them aren’t known worldwide, but they do change the world for people around them, making great things. And that’s the topic behind the bright and touching illustration set below.

family business illustrations hatmakers tubikarts

Hatmakers Family Business

family business cafe tubikarts illustrations

Family Cafe

family business shoe makers tubikarts illustration

Shoemakers Family Business

family business violin makers tubikarts

Violin Makers Family Business

veterinary doctors family business tubikarts illustration

Veterinarians Family Business

Life with Technologies

This set of detailed and elegant 3D illustrations is up to give a visual hint on the diversity of everyday life things we can now do with the help of constantly evolving mobile and web technologies.

3D art mobile world tubik arts illustration

3d art mobile banking tubikarts illustration

3D illustration digital life tubik arts

Nature Patterns

This illustration set is inspired by the beauty of nature and motifs of the traditional art of patterns and ornaments: limited harmonic color palette, repetitive details, and animalistic characters to connect flora and fauna by means of digital art.


Nature Patterns Mice illustration art tubik

Mice Illustration Pattern

nature patterns foxes illustration tubikarts

Foxes Illustration Pattern

beavers nature patterns tubik arts

Beavers Illustration Pattern

wild boars nature patterns tubikarts

Wild Boars Illustration Pattern

nature patterns owl illustration tubikarts

Owl Illustration Pattern

Autumn Rhythms

This illustration is up to let you catch the vibes of lively music that will take you to hot and sunny places full of wild rhythms, inviting you to dance non-stop and enjoy a variety of autumn tastes and emotions.

Musicians illustration tubikarts painting

Dance vibes illustration tubikarts

Matadors illustration tubikarts

autumn fruit illustration art tubikarts

calavera mexican vibes illustration tubikarts

all saints day halloween tubikarts illustration

Fantastic Worlds

Sometimes, all creatives want to step aside from business illustrations and real-life plots, push the limits, and dive into the worlds of fiction and fantasy. This funny illustration set was created as a result of such a creative experiment.

fantastic world illustration art tubikarts

purrfect stay in cat illustration tubikarts

fantastic worlds breakfast illustration tubikarts

fantastic worlds walk time tubikarts illustration

fantastic worlds kindergarten fun tubikarts


This set of artworks is inspired by the power of flora: plants and flowers, trees and bushes, grass and leaves. Here, you will find anthropomorphic and animalistic characters as well as botanic motifs, echoing the hand painting and stamp art techniques in bright colors.

botanicart blue tubikarts illustration

botanicart purple illustration tubik

botanicart pink illustration tubikarts

botanicart red illustration tubikarts

green illustration botanicart tubikarts

School Life

These bright 2D illustrations share the vibes of unlimited fun, cheer, smartness, and the pure joy of life for kids in their primary school year.

school bus illustration tubik arts

schoolchildren joy lesson tubik arts illustration

school art tubikarts kids illustration

first school day illustration tubik arts

Magic Forest

This 2D art collection is full of fairytale vibes and lovely character art: feel the wonders of the magic forest and get your day charmed with cuteness and kindness.

magic forest night illustration art tubikarts

Magic_forest_illustration tubikarts

Magic forest fruit tubikarts illustration

Magic forest character illustrations tubik arts

Theme Icons

This collection of theme icons was developed to work as supportive visuals for web design and marketing goals of various services.

For example, this custom icon set was designed for an online educational platform. They show visitors that the service offers an extensive online library, debate and speaking club, interactive lessons, and various certified online courses.

education service icons tubikarts

And this collection of custom icons was created for an anti-cafe space. They show you that the area is dog-friendly, has game consoles, snacks and drinks, and offers cinema events to the visitors.

icons for anticafe space tubik arts

In addition, here’s the collection of festive icons that hint at all the crucial things for a good winter holiday season: Christmas tree delivery, presents and ornaments, holiday cookies, and a wish list for Santa.


merry christmas icons tubik studio




Life with Cat Cards

“Time spent with cats is never wasted,” Sigmund Freud once said, and it seems that all cat lovers worldwide tend to agree with him. This series of line artworks is also inspired by this theme. Check out the set of illustrated cards reflecting various aspects of life with a cat.

life with cat cards morning tubikarts illustration

life with cat cards illustration work tubikarts

life with cat cards illustration work tubikarts

life with cat christmas illustration tubikarts

life with cat birthday card illustration tubikarts

life with cat cards witchery tubikarts illustration

New illustration sets are coming soon; stay tuned!

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