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Digital Art: Diverse Digital Illustrations Inspired by Wildlife

Five bright illustration sets in diverse styles, all filled with vibes of wildlife and animal kingdom wrapped in modern digital art and cool character designs.

It’s hard to find a more powerful and diverse source for human inspiration than nature around us, and our new collection of digital art is also devoted to this topic. Here we’ve collected five bright illustration sets by tubik artists Marina Solomennikova, Yaroslava Yatsuba, and Arthur Avakyan to share with you the vibes of wildlife and beauty of the animal kingdom wrapped into modern digital art in various styles and plots, some serious and sophisticated while the others filled with the playful energy of creative fun. Enjoy about forty digital artworks featuring animals, birds, and fish, have fun and get inspired!

Bright Birds

This series of illustrations is inspired by the diversity of bright birds from different corners of the world, so meet elegant and lovely winged and feathered creatures.

bright birds toocan tubikarts illustration

Toucan illustration

bright birds puffins tubikarts illustration

Puffins illustration

bright birds parrots tubikarts illustration

Parrots illustration

bright birds hoopoe tubikarts illustration

Hoopoe illustration

bright birds grey herons tubikarts illustration

Grey herons illustration

Red Book Animals

This illustration is inspired by the diversity of the animal world and the actual necessity for people to be conscious about saving it for the future. The collection of artworks shows the animals featured in the Red Book of Ukraine, an official national red list of the threatened animals, plants, and fungi protected by the law. These animals gradually disappear, with more and more of them turning into little spirits hoping that people will not go too far and will care about nature around them.

red book animals lynx tubikarts illustration


Ciconia nigra black stork red book illustration tubikarts

Black Stork (Ciconia Nigra)

stoat illustration tubikarts red book animals

Stoat (Mustela erminea)

red book animals Lepus timidus hare tubikarts illustration

White Hare (Lepus timidus Linnaeus)

red book animals allactaga jaculus tubikarts illustrations

Jerboa (Allactaga Jaculus)

Office Ocean

No secret, any office presents a real ocean inhabited by different personalities. That idea inspired us to start a new series of illustrations that will metaphorically depict the diverse characters making office life feel like a special universe developing along with its own rules. Have fun with the funny residents of our Office Ocean!

office ocean working fish illustration tubikarts

Focused Fish

office occupied octopus illustration tubikarts

Occupied Octopus

office ocean sea star tubikarts illustrations

Savvy Sea Star

office ocean ambitious axolotl tubikarts illustration

Ambitious Axolotl

office ocean prolific prawn tubikarts illustration

Prolific Prawn

office ocean work day tubik arts illustration

Patient Plankton

office ocean happy herrings tubikarts illustration

Happy Herrings

office ocean smart shark tubikarts illustration

Smart Shark

Chinese Zodiac

This daring and artistic set of illustrations inspired by Chinese Zodiac signs is wrapped in bright colors, bold lines, and the wild energy of animals that patronize and protect a particular year. The art of this kind is flexible for a variety of goals and can be used for greeting cards, posters, theme merch, digital banners, and many other creative directions.

chinese horoscope zodiac rat tubikarts illustration

Rat Year

chinese horoscope calendar bull tubikarts illustration

Ox Year

chinese horoscope calendar tiger tubikarts illustrations

Tiger Year

chinese zodiac rabbit illustration tubikarts

Rabbit Year

chinese horoscope calendar dragon tubikarts illustration

Dragon Year

chinese horoscope calendar snake tubikarts illustration

Snake Year

chinese horoscope calendar horse tubikarts illustration

Horse Year

chinese horoscope calendar goat tubikarts illustration

Goat Year

chinese horoscope calendar monkey tubikarts illustration

Monkey Year

chinese zodiac rooster illustration tubikarts

Rooster Year

chinese zodiac dog tubikarts illustration

Dog Year

chinese horoscope calendar pig tubikarts illustration

Pig Year

chinese horoscope calendar dragon tubikarts illustration cards

chinese horoscope calendar tubikarts illustration

Greeting cards design

Line Art Animals

This illustration set is devoted to the world of animals and pets, created in the artistic style of line illustration based on smooth and elegant curves and bright color spots, adding even more emotion and expressiveness to artworks.

lineart animals

Dog line illustration

fox illustration lineart

Fox line illustration

illustration art rooster

Rooster line illustration

swan illustration
Swan line illustration

whale illustration
Whale line illustration

bull lineart illustration
Bull line illustration

lineart animals
Line art animals

New illustration sets are coming soon; stay tuned!

Check more of our artworks in the Tubik Arts portfolio.

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