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Tubik Studio 2016. Year in Review

Tubik Studio 2016 Year Review collecting top shots, projects, blog posts, news and memories of the productive year with the warmest greetings to all Tubik readers.

Bright, fast, and furious, the year 2016 is over. For Tubik it was dynamic, bright, rich in meetings, shots, interesting projects, and non-stop professional growth. The company got bigger, more experienced, and diverse. Traditionally, we start every new stage of our workflow remembering the most significant points of what has already been done, and today won’t be an exception. Let’s take a moment to turn back for a while and remember some outstanding things that marked 2016 for our team.

Being active on Dribbble, we published over 170 shots. Welcome to look through the set of top positions in the categories of UI/UX design, animation, branding, and illustration.

Top Twenty UI/UX Shots

error page design

Page 404

tubikstudio travel gear landing

Travel Gear Landing Page

tubikstudio library widget

Library Widget

home page landing design tubikstudio

Comics Shop Home Page

tutorial singify tubik illustration_flat_app_ios_design

Singify App Tutorial

christmas app tubik studio

Magic Christmas App

event agency homepage

Event Agency Webpage

tubik studio the big landscape website

The Big Landscape

Bakery website design case study tubik

Vinny’s Bakery

health care app design tubik

Health Care App

agency website tubikstudio

Adventure Agency Website

seafood recipe website landing tubik

Website on cooking seafood

tubikstudio graphic design illustration

Ryiadh Tour Guide

weather app tubik studio

Weather App Concept

moneywise app tubik studio

Moneywise App

travel app tutorial tubik studio

Travel App Tutorial


Snake Battle

toonie alarm app design

Toonie Alarm

online magazine design tubik studio

Daily Bugle Online Magazine

book swap app tubikstudio

Book Swap App


Top Twenty Animated shots

tubik studio web ui design

Birds of Paradise Encyclopedia

magicco tubik studio landing page design landing page animation

tubikstudio book swap

Book Swap App

tubik landing page scroll animation

Organic landing page animation

tubik studio healthy food animation

Healthy Food App 

tubik studio application recipes and cooking

Recipes App

tubikstudio buonapp food ui design


tubik studio architecture firm website design

Architecture Firm

tubikstudio museu landing page


tubik studio ice ui website

Ice Website

design studio bjorn website

Bjorn Website

ui animation cafe app tubikstudio

Cafe Coupon App

apple event animation tubikstudio

Apple Event Animated Graphics

gym landing page concept

Gym Landing Page

tubik studio animated illustration


TUBIK Toonie Help Screens Interaction

Toonie Alarm tutorial

night run animation tubik_studio

Night Run Animation

Contact List Concept Scrolls Tubik

Contact List Concept

social network animation

Social Network Tutorial

Rocket animation tubik studio

Rocket Animation

Top Ten Branding Shots

business card design tubik studio

Deetu Business Cards

switchup logo brand identity tubik studio

Switch-up logo

logo design fox tubik studio

fOxygenic logo

andre logo design tubikstudio

Andre logo 

pickitout logo design tubik

Pickitout logo

lion browser logo tubik-studio

Lion browser logo icon

Snake logo design tubik

Snake Battle Logo

horsy animation logo tubik_studio

Horsy Logo

tubikstudio icon logo illustration

Elephun logo

realli logo animation tubik

Realli logo

Top Ten Illustration Shots

rio 2016 tubik illustration

Rio 2016

bus illustration tubik

Californication Bus

tubikstudio space wallpapers

Space Wallpapers

character illustration tubik studio

Indian Dreamcatcher

Christmas spirit illustration tubik

Christmas Spirit Illustration

Viking Ulf Tubik Illustration art_game_design

Ulf the Viking

tubik illustration book cover

Tales of the Jazz Age Book Cover

tubik studio illustration graphic-design

Muscles Magazine

star wars rogue one tubik_studio illustration

Star Wars Rogue One Illustration

badges illustration tubik studio

PukaPal Badges


Top Ten Articles in Tubik Blog


2016 brought a lot of new posts in Tubik Blog to share our ideas, case studies, and experience. Here is the list of some articles which got shared and read by a big number of readers.


tubikstudio graphic design icons copy

Visual Perception: Icons vs Copy in UI

Tubik Animation AE microinteractions

UI Animation: Microinteraction for Macroresult

toonie app time picker

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Mobile Application

tubikstudio ui animation design article

UI Animation: Eye-Pleasing, Problem-Solving

andre logo design by tubik

Logo Design: Creative Stages

tubikstudio ui ux design

UI/UX Glossary: Steps to Usability

tubik studio webdesign terms home page

Home Sweet Home. Strategies for Home Page Design

tubik studio ui design dark scheme

Dark Side of UI: Benefits of Dark Background

ios development glossary

Review of Popular Trends and Tools for Developers in 2016

UI design trends

Review of Popular Design Trends for Interfaces in 2016

Top Five Tubik News

Growing diversity of services

In 2016 we formed the full team of specialists able to create and maintain a digital product from scratch to release: today we are a comprehensive full-cycle digital agency, with experienced specialists in the domains of branding, UI/UX design for websites and applications, graphic design of any complexity, motion design, iOS and web-development, QA testing.

collaboration process-app design tubik studio

Variety of outsourcing projects

2016 brought us a great bunch of outsourcing design and development projects for a diversity of businesses and organizations. They established broad experience of collaboration with different customers, including big and well-known clients. One of the latest projects of 2016 was a “year-in-review” video for Opera.

In-house iOS application: Toonie Alarm

In 2016, to get closer to our outsourcing clients, we have set the purpose to create in-house studio products helpful for their target audience and adding some social value as well as giving us a comprehensive experience of full path for creating and promoting digital products. In the domain of iOS app design, the product created and released by Tubik in 2016 is Toonie Alarm, an entertaining and funny free alarm app for iPhones rewarding users for waking up with cute stickers. 

In-house content project: Design4Users

Design4Users is a blog devoted to diverse design issues solving users’ problems. This resource was started with the aim to provide designers, customers, and all those who are interested in this sphere of human activity with a wide variety of useful and interesting content supported with the attractive and functional design. The blog is designed, developed and curated fully by the Tubik studio team.

design4users blog Tubik-Studio

Free e-books by Tubik team

The additional big news was the start of Tubik Magazine, the set of free e-books from us about different aspects, approaches, and tips on design and development. The first issue called Design for Business presented a variety of business points and terms important to consider for designers working over goal-centered design for companies and brands. The second ebook called Logo design was devoted to creative stages and strategies of efficient logo design. Both books are supported with practical cases. Welcome to read them or download totally for free.

tubikstudio free ebook on design

Bright moments of work, rest and creative search were traditionally shared with our followers on the studio Instagram page. No doubt, we also didn’t miss the chance to share our ideas, news, tips, and experience via Medium and Quora as well as kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard.

new year photo tubik

Even this quite brief review makes obvious that 2016 was full of everything for our team. And we are ready for new challenges, perspectives, and projects in 2017 which will definitely open many new unforgettable creative pages. 


Warm greetings for everyone from Tubik Studio, we wish you an amazing and successful year 2017!

Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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