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Stand With Ukraine: 30+ Touching Illustrations Painted With Pain

Check the big set of illustrations by tubik artists employing the power of art to spread the painful word on what is going on and ask the world to stand with Ukraine.

“The strength of a nation is derived from the integrity of the home” Confucius once mentioned. And these words seem to reflect the essence of Ukrainians’ struggle for freedom and peace in our home these days. The home that hasn’t been safe anymore due to the invasion. We couldn’t imagine that but this year we found ourselves living and working in the country under the fire of war. So here in tubik, we continue to do our best to help our country and our clients with what we can do the best: design, art, and creative ideas.

glory to ukraine tubik

For sure, our artists couldn’t stay aside from the situation: from the first days, they have been wrapping into artistic forms the feelings of their own and the people around, the diverse episodes of daily life that changed dramatically and incredibly, the photos capturing people surviving the war in our homeland. So, here you will find the art collection which would better never exist but we weren’t given a chance. Check the big set of illustrations by tubik artists Yaroslava Yatsuba, Marina Solomennikova, Arthur Avakyan, and Alexandra Mykhalyk, employing the power of art to spread a painful word on what is going on and ask the world to stand with Ukraine.

After a bunch of requests, we’ve also shared these and other artworks via Creative Market. All money received from the sales in this account is donated to charity funds in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Identity

This set of illustrations is aimed at wrapping the bright and unique Ukrainian identity in artistic forms and motifs, combining traditional art and digital illustration techniques.

ukrainian identity illustration tubikarts 1

Ukrainian Wedding

ukrainian identity illustration tubikarts 2

Cossacks’ Power

ukrainian identity illustration tubikarts 3

Ukrainian Mother

ukrainian identity illustration tubikarts 4

Bandura Players

ukrainian identity illustration tubikarts 5

Berehynya, the Home Protectress

ukrainian identity illustration tubikarts 6

Ukrainian Easter Holidays

Ukrainian Power Stickers

This sticker pack called Ukrainian Power features a variety of details, characters, and emotions that filled our life from the beginning of the invasion, from air raid sirens and dreams about peaceful quiet nights to the warmest hugs, from disturbed pets and civilians fleeing their homes to the fighters such as legendary Ghost of Kyiv.

ukrainian power stickers tubikarts illustration

ghost of kyiv tubikarts illustration sticker

leaving homes sticker illustration tubikarts

peaceful night tubikarts illustration

stickers ukrainian power tubikarts design

Check the full sticker set on Creative Market

Diverse Ukraine

The following illustrations capture the diversity of episodes and characters, all united with the horrible reality of life in war, making people terrified and devastated, but at the same time united and hopeful, fighting for their homes, their families, and their future.

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children,” William Makepeace Thackeray once wrote, and now facing war in Ukraine, with thousands of civilians living in horror and not knowing if they have tomorrow, we also see thousands of expressions of mother’s love. The artwork below is one of them, and it is inspired by the real photo of the real mother hiding with her baby in the Kyiv subway while the city was under shelling. Sadly, that’s the look of Kyivan Madonna in 2022.

Kievan Madonna illustration tubikarts

Kyivan Madonna

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet,” Plato once wrote, and centuries have never changed that simple truth. Here in Ukraine, we are living under shelling and air raid sirens today, but we believe that love will win this war for those who fight and those who wait, and loving hearts will meet each other again. This illustration was inspired by the real photo by Dan Kitwood, the photographer for Getty Images documenting life in our country now in his photos.

love will win tubikarts illustration

Love Will Win

We believe that spring will blossom with peace and hope in our country, and love will win the war. This illustration was also inspired by a real photo capturing our defenders at a rare moment of silence and the constant wish of all the nation to get back to a peaceful life.

Fighting for Ukraine together tubikarts illustration

Care for Ukraine, Together

The artwork below doesn’t show the person directly, but due to the details and composition, you can actually feel the tired heartbeat of a fighter, the heartbeat of the whole country of people praying for Ukraine.

Pray_for_Ukraine illustrations tubikarts

Pray for Ukraine

This artwork echoes the motifs of traditional ethnic art as well as the style of Maria Prymachenko, the worldwide famous naive art painter from Ukraine. The artist was overwhelmed by the news that Maria Prymachenko’s museum was destroyed in the bombing, but later it appeared that the villagers managed to save the precious painting and hide them. This amazing story inspired her to create these brave characters.

ukrainians protecting native land tubikarts

Good Evening, We’re From Ukraine

“Farming is a profession of hope,” poet Brian Brett once mentioned, and this year in Ukraine, traditionally a country of massive farming and agriculture, these words sound in a new way. We all have a hope for peace, but we also fight to get our fields free from invaders. This illustration was inspired by numerous stories of how unarmed civilians from villages didn’t let the tanks go on their fields.

stop snooping farmers illustration tubikarts

Stop Snooping Around

In the world of science and technological progress, achievements and inventions, education and discoveries, human lives shouldn’t be lost in wars. Children shouldn’t spend sleepless nights in shelters listening to sirens and bombing. They shouldn’t flee their homes trying to get away from war. They shouldn’t cry in devastated places that were their homes. That’s what our children in Ukraine live through now, while the country seems to live through the non-stop fire. The following illustrations echo that theme.

children need peace tubikarts illustration

Stop Killing Our Future

close the sky tubikarts illustration

Close the Sky

children shouldn't suffer tubikarts

Children Shouldn’t Suffer

It feels like even the King of Horror couldn’t imagine the horror Ukraine is trying hard to survive now. Inspired by the recent Stephen King’s photo on Twitter.

Stephen King Stands With Ukraine illustration tubikarts

I Stand With Ukraine

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention,” Oscar Wilde once wrote, and in a critical situation like the one we are surviving now in Ukraine, that makes even more sense, with hundreds and thousands of volunteers in both Ukraine and other countries, helping our people, saving lives, and giving hope for a new day filled with peace. Thank you, dear volunteers, for your amazing and brave souls giving people a ray of light in the darkest times!

thanks to volunteers tubikarts illustration

Thanks to Volunteers

This illustration is filled with a sense of unity and pride for belonging to the young and powerful nation with a long history of way to freedom.

ukrainian illustration tubikarts

Ukrainian Hearts

This spring in Ukraine was expected to start with sun, flowers, and refreshment. Instead, it started with horror and pain, shelling and bombing, death and cries, destroyed homes, and trampled lives. Our homeland is at the gunpoint. That’s the feeling behind the illustration below.

stop war ukraine tubikarts illustration

Stop the War

This poster was inspired by a famous quote from one of the speeches of the Ukrainian president.

President Zelenskiy poster illustration tubikarts

Life Will Overcome Death

The illustrations below echo the events of the war days, such as the bombing of the TV towers in Ukrainian cities, residents of the cities getting prepared to fight for their homes, and the unity of the nation against the invasion.

truth can't be bombed out tubikarts illustration

Truth Can’t Be Bombed Out

fire up illustration tubikarts

Love Is To Fire Up

Protect Ukraine tubikarts illustration

Protect Ukraine

sad news tubikarts illustration

Shocking News

In March, Ukraine honored the birth anniversary of Taras Shevchenko, the most famous Ukrainian poet, well-known for his life-long poetic fight for our homeland’s freedom, unity, and good life. This year Shevchenko’s words seem to be more actual and sound louder and sharper than ever before. That’s the idea behind the illustration below.

taras shevchenko tubikarts illustration

In Honour of Shevchenko

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry mentioned in this timeless story about Little Prince. And that’s what we observe now in Ukraine where thousands of people try to save their pets and thousands of volunteers do their best to save the animals that got lost or don’t have their people and homes anymore. The illustrations below touch on that theme and reflect the real-life episodes from the photos taken around the country.

responsible for animals tubikarts ukraine

Don’t Leave Your Pet

your pet your friend tubikarts illustration

Your Pet Is Your Friend

everyone needs care tubikarts illustration

Everyone Needs Care

save animals tubikarts illustration

Save Animals

This year we all realized the importance of quiet mornings, clear sky, and undisturbed sunshine as never before. This year our biggest dream is about a peaceful day when children can play under the sun and adults can enjoy its shining without fear, believing in a new day to come after this one. The day when urban citizens could get back to work in their offices and plants while farmers could keep calm and work in the fields, instead of fighting, fleeing, hiding, spending sleepless nights in shelters, and crying in front of their ruined lives.

The day will come and we will get our Ukraine back, beautiful, peaceful, diverse, and united.

Dream about peace tubikarts illustration

The Sun of Peaceful Day

diverse Ukraine tubikarts illustration

Diverse Ukraine

Check more of our artworks in the Tubik Arts portfolio or in our shop on Creative Market.

Stand with Ukraine.

Dear world, let’s stop the war.

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