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Branding Case Study Illustration

Case Study: Andre. Designing Corporate Brand Identity

New practical design case study on branding by Tubik Studio, showing the stages of building-up strong corporate identity for the landscape care company Andre.

One of our previous case studies showed you the detailed creative process of logo design for Andre, the company providing a variety of services on landscape and tree care. Today we continue this story to unveil the further process of applying the logo and chosen stylistic approach for the set of branded items presenting the general corporate identity of the brand.

andre branding design case study



Design of a variety of items presenting corporate identity on the basis of a logo designed for a commercial and holistic landscape firm Andre operating in landscape maintenance, tree care, and design.


Wacom Intuous Pen tablet, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


As you can get from the previous case study, the final choice of the logo design was made on the combination mark which efficiently presented the mascot and lettering of the brand name in clear simple forms. The chosen concept preserved color combination associated with the nature of the offered services and vibes of green and natural background.

andre logo design final by Tubik


On the basis of this stylistic approach, the designer developed several variations applying the same color palette, typography, mascot and general visual perception for building the consistent and harmonic corporate style presented via different visual details on branded items. For all of them, three core visual elements supported the consistency of performance: the mascot showing the cute hummingbird, green leaves instantly associated with trees and plants and the lettering showing the brand name of the company.

Business Card

The first item to get into the set was a business card. No wonder: in the modern world, the business cards are not a sort of fashion, but a must-have for serious branding and business communication, especially in the domain of services. It is a real sign of respect for the customer. So, it should be not only informative but also stylish and easily readable. The designer provided two options for placement, horizontal and vertical, to set a higher level of flexibility for possible goals and wishes that company can have in the future.

business card andre

business card horizontal andre

Vehicle branding

The next object of design exploration was branding for corporate vehicles. The company uses several options for vehicles that regularly do considerable business routes, therefore, neglecting such an effective advertising carrier would be unreasonable. So, the designer worked over the variants of harmonic placement of catchy and stylish branding elements for different models of vehicles. 

andre branding car branding

andre branding case study vehicle design

andre branding case study vehicle design

andre branding case study vehicle design


Light background provided an effective combination with a green palette of identity design presentation and set a high level of visibility and readability, important for this method of advertising.

andre logo design by tubik


One more direction of corporate branding for Andre company had to deal with correspondence, both physical and digital. In this field, letterhead and envelope were created for physical letters and also the special template featuring branding signs was designed for corporate emails.

letterhead branding design tubik-studio andre

Envelope branding design tubikstudio andre

andre email branding case study-tubik

Banner Design for indoor trade show

No secret that branding is not only about a logo and brand name but also the general style of visual components dealing with the brand, such as photos for websites and blog posts, banners of all kinds, posters and so on. One of the design tasks was to create the banner for an indoor trade show. For it, the designer created unique hand-made letting for the slogan copy to add originality for general visual perception and setting the strong emotional associations with a brand.

branding banner design tubik-studio andre


Jar design

Another object of design was a jar for candies or other stuff of this sort. The concept below shows the monochrome design with a high level of readability which could efficiently work for the objects of this kind. 

branding jar design case study tubik andre

branding jar design case study-tubik andre


One more task for the designer was certainly connected with corporate T-shirts which could be effectively used as another nice and natural carrier of information enhancing brand recognizability and awareness. Again, the designer chose the light background as the basis providing the airy and universal solution to the fast and clear presentation of the logo. Still, other variants featuring different color combinations and visual elements placement were offered to the set so that they could be used for a variety of purposes in advertising campaigns and everyday brand presentation.

tshirt design tubik studio andre branding

andre t-shir tubik studio design

On the basis of all the design solutions, the clients got the brand guidelines setting all the details of the designed solution as well as wrong variants of using the logo that could harm the perception of the brand image.

This case of the comprehensive design of corporate identity has become another proof that user research, market research, thorough attention to the customer’s requirements and inspired creative search together make a great basis for efficient, informative and attractive branding.

If you want to know more about the creative stages of the design process for logos, welcome to read our free e-book “Logo Design”.

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