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Tubik Monthly Review. October

Fresh issue of Tubik Studio Monthly Review: Dribbble shots, Tubik Blog posts on UI/UX, logo and design process optimization and Tubik Studio life in October.

New month has come bringing new ideas, new projects and new hopes. Nevertheless, as usual, we start it reviewing what was done in October to sum up a bit of our efforts and present them in our Tubik Monthly Review. So, let’s remember together what this month was full of except hard and inspired work on current projects.

In October we enriched Tubik Studio Dribbble page with new shots. Here is the full collection of Tubik Studio shots, which can be checked full size with the attachments if you follow the links.


tubik studio website

Basic Grammar for Designers 


tubik studio character illustration

BIGGIE & 2Pac 


hamburger_menu tubik studio

Hamburger Menu Animation


ribbet animation tubikstudio

Ribbet Collage 


tubik studio ui concept

Veggie App Concept 


tubik studio design ui

Calendar App 


passfold logo tubikstudio

Case study: PassFold Logo


ribbet animation tubik studio

Ribbet Collage 2 


passfold logo design tubik

Passfold logo options 


illustration tubik studio

Night Work… 


icon logo tubik studio

Saily ghost icon version 


tubik studio sticker design

Halloween Sticker (Freebie) 


Also, we have published new articles here on our Blog. October brought our readers two new case studies about the PassFold project, in which we told about UI design and logo design for the mobile application. Both posts are packed with bright images showing the design flow to our readers. A new set of Tubik Studio Quote Collection, this time gathered 30 quotes by famous design experts. Two other articles were concentrated on the ways of optimization and improvement of the design process: one post told how to optimize the process of resizing mockups for different screen sizes in Photoshop, while the latest post in the blog was concentrated on the essence and benefits of prototyping for UX design by example of work with Pixate tool.


No doubt, in October we published tons of photos showing studio daily life and design processes on our Instagram page

tubik studio designer

…and we were happy to share our articles on our Medium page.

Tubik Studio on Medium

So, turning over the October page of Tubik Studio life, we are moving full of inspiration to create something new, useful and bright to share with you in our next monthly review. Happy November to everyone!

Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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