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Tubik Monthly Review. March 2016

The issue of Tubik Monthly Review presenting Tubik Studio design news, shots, articles and events which studio team experienced in March.

The spring has quickly sprung with new month blossoming with days full of inspiring work, new projects and concepts, shots and articles, and tons of bright moments of work and relaxation. So, starting a new month, let’s keep the tradition and look back at what has been done.

As usual, we start with numerous Dribbble shots featuring all sorts of design tasks in particular UI design, illustration, and motion design. Let’s look over them, the picture is really worth a thousand words here.

tubikstudio illustration submarine

Submarine Rider 

tubikstudio ui design

On Behalf of a User

landing page design animation

Arts, Culture & Education Curation Landing Page

tubikstudio buonapp food ui design

Buon App

tubikstudio graphic design

Girl and flowers

home page landing design tubikstudio

Comics Shop Home Page


Dreamcatcher app 

tubik studio ui design app

Light and Darkness in UI 

tubikstudio app interface design

BeBright App 

tubik studio character animation

Monster animation 

tubik studio web ui design

Birds of Paradise Encyclopedia 

batman vs superman emoji-by-tubik-studio

Batman Vs Superman Emoji 

tubik studio graphic-design illustration


ui copywriting tubik studio

Copy in UI Design 

tubik studio animated illustration


tubikstudio museu landing page


tubik landing page scroll animation

Landing Page Animation 


So, it’s easy to see how bright and comprehensive was this month in trying different design techniques and directions. In addition, we didn’t miss the chance of publishing some new articles here in Tubik Blog. In case you could miss out on any of them, let’s review what were the themes to discuss in March:

  • UI/UX Design. On Behalf of a User. Designing the product for the user, we should listen to what users want and need. The article analyzes the most popular features and characteristics users want to see. Considering and applying them results in efficient UI/UX design.
  • Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. UI/UX Tips. The first issue of Tubik Reading List for designers as well as anyone involved or interested in the design process, techniques and secrets. This time recommendations are concentrated on the issues of user experience design.
  • Light and Darkness in UI Design. Matter of Choice. The article considering basic aspects and steps of choosing the efficient color scheme as well as a balance of light and darkness enhancing usability and attractiveness of user interface.
  • FAQ Design Platform.The Role of Branding in UI Design. Fresh issue of platform answering actual and popular questions about design. This time it is focused on the role of branding elements in UI design and ways of their mutual support.
  • UI/UX Design Glossary. Steps to Usability. The set of definitions for the basic terms in UI/UX design process influencing usability and performance. Supported with examples and descriptions based on studio designers’ practical experience.
  • Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. Issue 2. Fresh issue of Tubik Reading List providing recommendations on useful reading about the design process. Informative articles for your inspiration in professional perspective: UI/UX design, branding, flat design, animation and the like. Enjoy the reading!
  • Copywriting in UI. Words that Make Design Go Round. The article analyzing basic aspects of copy as one of the key elements of efficient UI/UX design. Here we consider the basic functions of copy in the user interface and recommend the stages of the design process where professional copywriter can be helpful.

tubikstudio blog articles

As it usually happens, the first month of spring brought days full of teamwork, communication, inspiration, brainstorming, and rest, which we were keen to share with our over 21K followers in studio Instagram.

tubikstudio design office

tubikstudio designers

Getting closer to the global design community as well as everyone interested in this sphere, we shared our ideas and experience via Medium, provided new answers on Quora and kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter, Tumblr and Flipboard.

Tubik Studio on Quora

And perhaps the most remarkable event of the month was Tubik Studio birthday, which we celebrate on the first day of spring. Now the studio is already 3 years old and the team has grown significantly both in a number of people and in the diversity of design tasks we are now able to accomplish. We had a fascinating party filled with warm memories, best wishes, and high dreams.

tubik studio CEO-and-art-director

Tubik Studio CEO and Art Director Sergey Valiukh giving a speech

Tubik Studio team and guests of the birthday party

Tubik-Studio-lettering birthday

One more month went into history but brought fresh prospects and new aims, which we hope to realize this month in new projects, concepts, meetings, and articles. Send you all part of our inspiration!

Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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