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Tubik Monthly Review. November

Tubik Monthly Review presenting Tubik Studio shots for various design tasks on Dribbble and Behance, blog articles, social activity, news and events in November

Following the tradition already established in our Blog, every month we take our time to sum up what was done and set new goals. So, welcome to Tubik Monthly Review, which this time is devoted to some of our works, thoughts and ideas published in November. And as usual, we would be happy to do it with our readers.

Traditionally, we start with the set of Dribbble shots posted by Tubik designers during the last month. Our Dribbble account got more bright works on illustration, UI design, motion and icons design. Following the links, you can see all the shots full size with their descriptions.

tubik studio ui design

Media Player Concept 


calendar-app animation tubik

Calendar App Animation 


tubik studio product design

ABC of Product Design 


tubik studio illustration



tubik studio animation icons

Multimedia Icons Presentation 


tubik studio music_app

Music App 


saily UI screens tubik studio

Saily App

tubik studio ui design ipad

Octopus Bar iPad App 

tubik studio ui app design

Emotional App


UI design tubik studio

Start App 



Good Sign App Concept 

UI kit tubik studio

Free Eco UI Kit  


icons in ui tubikstudio

Iconic Simplicity 


Also, we enriched our Behance profile with a new presentation which was featured at App Design Served.

Tubik Studio dribbble shot

Behance Multimedia Icons Presentation


We were also active here in the Blog, having prepared several new articles. We have shared our ideas about important features of efficient product design organized along the letters of the alphabet. They were posted in the articles ABC of Product Design and ABC of Product Design. Part 2.  Then we added the post with our recommendations about books on UI/UX design in the post Design books set: UX, UI, HCI. Improving with experts. The other post in the blog last month called Iconic Simplicity. The Vital Role of Icons was about the types and features of icons as the vital part of effective and successful UI/UX. As usual, we are always keen to share our experience and discuss new ideas as well as basics of design, so this month we are preparing new articles and case studies for our readers.


Certainly, we filled up our Instagram page with new photos featuring our everyday life and work…

Tubik Studio Designers


… and we were active and eager to answer questions about design, UI/UX, tools, processes and prototyping at Quora that resulted in a great number of views and gave us a chance of being helpful to those who are interested in design.

Tubik Studio at Quora


In addition, in November Tubik Studio CEO Sergey Valiukh took part at Ping IT conference in Odessa as a speaker and told about our studio work principles and organization.

tubik studio ceo conference


Obviously, apart from everything mentioned above, we all had interesting and complex work on various design tasks on UI/UX, logo and branding, illustrations and motion design. One more good news about last month: understanding the integral role and importance of the correct and appropriate copy for the successful and efficient design of different products, such as landing pages or branded items, for example, we broadened our scope of services with copywriting. So the magic of words since now can be also professionally provided by Tubik Studio via copywriting tasks together with any kind of design tasks at which we are already really experienced.


So, with a new flash of inspiration and creativity, we have started the winter, looking forward to Christmas and New Year, hoping for better and being happy of a chance to do the work we love.

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance