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Icons in UI Design. Great Power of Small Details

The article shows high potential of icons as vital details of efficient user interface design. It presents app concepts featuring original icons by Tubik Studio.

In one of our previous articles called  Iconic Simplicity. The Vital Role of Icons we have shared our vision on the importance and features of icons in efficient UI/UX design. Our designers always work thoroughly on icons for every project we take over. Going further, we created special UI concepts to present icons at work in different applications. The presentations are created on the basis of original icons packs made by Tubik Studio designer Arthur Avakyan.

Multimedia Icons Presentation was already published on Behance and featured at App Design Served. It was followed by Valentine’s Day Icons Presentation which presented one more UI concept showing another type of environment for design. So, today we decided to tell a bit more on those presentations here.


Multimedia Icons Presentation


The first UI concept was created on the basis of a Multimedia Icons Set. 

icons tubik studio


To present some items from the set in practice, we designed the UI concept of Media Player App. The screens of the player designed for the concept demonstrate the icons with well-thought-out placement and functionality presented via their symbolic meaning and simple easily recognizable forms.


Tubik Studio icons presentation

tubik studio ui design


On the screens, you can see the icons from the presented set featuring all the necessary functions (Play/Pause, Back/Forward, Repeat, Mute, etc.). On the feed screen, three more functions were presented with icons, which provide not only clear metaphors and symbols, but also particular style features and bright visual details.  The aim of both designers was to create icons which do not overload the general layout of the screens, look harmonic with the background and create a simple and clear user interface, easy to use in any environment. Therefore, all the icons were carefully drawn and shaped.

Tubik Studio icons set


So, this concept shows the important part of such small details as icons in creating efficient UI design that feels integral and stylish throughout the app.


tubik studio animation icons


Valentine’s Day Icons Presentation

One more set of icons was specially created for Valentine’s Day theme.

tubik studio st valentine icons


Designing icons for the set, the designer took much time and effort to make them clear, recognizable, and meaningful in the general layout of the user interface. Based on this, we worked out one more UI concept demonstrating the broad functionality of this set even beyond the seasonal topic of the St. Valentine’s Day celebration.

Tubik Studio icons presentation


To demonstrate the icons in action, the designer created the concept of a Dating App. It is designed and thought out as a sort of social network for dating and easy communication. Here you can see the Profile screen, the Calendar screen, and Feed screen. The Profile screen shows user’s data and statistics as well as featuring the use of icons of the presented set in the tapbar. The icons represent main steps of navigation and at the same time become a harmonic addition to the general visual representation of the screen.


tubik studio dating app concept


The Calendar screen shows the interactive calendar of the app, where the vector icons are represented as symbols of the gifts and actions planned for the particular date. Also, the small icon on the avatar becomes a little symbol of marking a person you are dating with. So, the icons become an efficient tool for the visualization of navigational functions as well as for marking specific data. Moreover, they play the role of visual elements not only functional but also decorating the screens, making them lively, cute, and stylish. As in the previous case, all the shapes, proportions and curves were accomplished with great attention for the mentioned aims.


Tubik Studio icons set


So, the second presentation also shows the great potential and high level of functionality of such small elements as icons.

tubik studio dating app concept


UI Kits


Working on different projects in Tubik Studio, our designers prepare UI Kits – the sets of user interface elements that can be integrated in various web or app design. Working on the concepts for icons presentations described here, the designer also prepared the UI Kits.


Tubik Studio UI Kit


Tubik Studio UI Kit


The work on icons and concepts continues to present even more options and the high creative potential of icons as vital elements of the user-friendly interface and successful interaction, providing a positive user experience. Our designers have already created and presented several packs of icons, including the ones shown here, on DribbbleBehance, Creative Market, and Envato. Hopefully, our work will be helpful for other designers and perhaps will save some time and effort for those who are in search of necessary icons for their projects.


Now we are also preparing the articles which will tell you more about the full path of icon design, from the rough sketches to polished digitized versions. Don’t miss them in our next posts. Meanwhile, welcome to check the review of types and functions of interface icons.

Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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