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Tubik Studio in Personalities: Sergey Valiukh

The story about the CEO of Tubik Studio, ui/ux/web graphic designer Sergey Valiukh. Read more about how he started his designing path and look at his works.

People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives. (Theodore Roosevelt)


Our studio nowadays is a full-fledged team of diverse designers, always full of inspiration and ready to solve the problem of any depth and height. And, you know, we have met and got together due to the person who one day took a risk to start this venture.


Sergey Valiukh — a founder, CEO and art director of Tubik Studio — is a professional artist, designer and architect, who has devoted his talent and inspiration to web/UI/UX design these days. Being a restless creator, he hasn’t chosen the way of an individual path, but made possible for other talented guys to get together and create a friendly and collaborative team. And he is actually the center of this little world with high ambitions.

Working out a new project

Small brainstorm session at Tubik Studio


Being asked why among all the directions of art he has chosen the sphere of UX/UI and Responsive web design, he says this is the field which gives limitless opportunities to both creators and customers. To tell more, it’s vital for him to feel that he works for people and thinking about people.

Sergey Valiukh as a speaker at the conference “Anatomy of Design”: among the colleagues

Hosting Behance Portfolio Review Dnipropetrovsk: Sergey Valiukh with other speakers of the event

Sergey Valiukh as a speaker at Behance Portfolio Review Dnipropetrovsk


In Ukraine, where Tubik Studio is based, there are no many places where you can study to become a UI/UX designer. Although, starting from nowhere about two years ago, nowadays Sergey is certain that the only thing you need to become a professional in this field is desire and ability to work hard. On the one hand, he says, it’s much easier now than a decade or even five years ago considering that today there’s a huge number of resources such as e-books and sites, guides and manuals, social networks and professional platforms giving a designer the successful start. On the other hand, it’s complicated and hard as well as any other job, which is creative, full of responsibilities, interactive and developing in a highly competitive sphere. You should have no illusions; you should just work, study and improve yourself all the time.

Always keen to get updated


He doesn’t remember himself not drawing, sketching, painting — creating images of all kinds and sizes. Today as well, he starts the work on any project with a pencil in his hand. Although technologies are totally fantastic today, providing a designer with plenty of tools and software, creating a concept, he prefers to work out the idea by hand and soul and only then make it powerful with technologies. Moreover, being asked to give the advice for beginners in the field of Web/UI/UX design, he says that the old school shouldn’t be neglected: if you improve your skills of drawing and painting by hand, no doubt, that is going to help you in digital art.

The set of sketches by Sergey Valiukh


He started as a freelance designer with no definite experience and clear vision of the job. He studied works and techniques of web-designers from all over the world, was open to improve, practise every single day and not to be afraid to perform the results of that practice on Dribbble and Behance to get feedback from other designers.


Gif station Valiukh

Animated screen for the Boat station app



Animated screen for the Restaurant app


Animation Sergey Valiukh

Animated screen for a mobile application


Now he has resounded in UI/UX design, and also has become the head of Tubik Studio uniting creative and stylish designers. Everybody knowing Sergey realizes that nothing of this was awarded or granted to him. It is just a result of hard work and positive thinking.



Weather application screen concept


Dribbble shot

The concept of landscape and portrait view switching for iPad


The studio led by him is a fascinating place to work. We are very serious and thorough when it comes to work. Everybody here is always ready to help, we criticize each other’s work positively and constructively, share experience, so together we create a single mechanism for producing a great final product. However, at the same time, we are always ready to have fun together, to support each other and spend a great time out of the studio. Being friends gives us a great chance to feel work like home. The experience of successful companies persuades: the more comfortable you feel at work, the more productively you go through all the stages of your job. And, you know, we feel it every day being inspired by the heart and soul of our team.

design event behance tubik

Tubik Studio hosting Behance Portfolio Review Dnipro

Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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