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Tubik Podcast #4. Business Terms for Designers: Sales Basics

A new episode of Tubik Podcast devoted to the theme of design for business. This time it covers the terms from sales, such as sales funnel, conversion, sales channel etc.

Working on projects and concepts, designers often have to combine creative approaches and solutions with business goals. The effective outcome is based on not only design techniques and knowledge of user psychology but also awareness of sales flows and processes. Today we have prepared a new episode for the listeners of Tubik Podcast, the series of free audio talks devoted to various aspects of design. The fourth track presented here continues the set called «Business Terms for Designers» and considers basic notions from the business vocabulary like conversion, niche, sales channel, and sales funnel. On the ground of practical experience, we review them from a design perspective for the sake of usable and useful digital products. Welcome to listen and follow the updates!



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