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Tubik Monthly Review. January 2016

Traditional Tubik Studio Monthly Review featuring a set of Dribbble shots and blog articles on UI/UX, logo and motion design published in January.

Traditionally, we start a new month in Tubik Studio with a moment of looking back at what has been done in the previous one. The new year has started with new interesting projects and concepts, diverse shots on Dribbble, new plans and hopes, and new articles in Tubik Blog. So, let’s look a bit closer at what January has brought up.

tubik studio designers

In January we filled up our Dribbble portfolio with fresh shots featuring concepts for web, app, motion, and logo design. Glad to mention that this month brought us two bright debut shots for the team, both featured in Dribbble weekly replays. Here’s the set of January shots.

web design concept

Photo Retouching Service 

ecommerce design

HomeBid — Live Furniture Auction 

Tubik Studio Social Networks design

Social Network. UX for Communication 

tubik studio app concept

Entertainment App

tubik studio structure

Structure – Architecture Blog 

logo design

Tootl Logo

tubik studio design web template

Web Template 

weather app tubik studio

Weather Concept 

weather app design UI

Weather in UI Design 

tubik studio messenger_concept

Messenger App

randomizer tubik studio design 

Randomizer concept

app ui design concept

Offer App Coupon

Tubik Studio UI design-Saily-app case study

Case Study. Saily UI Design 


We also had an active month publishing new articles on Tubik Blog. In case you could miss something, let’s review the topics of the month:

  • Social Network Design. UX for Communication. The article gathering general points important to consider in the process of creating efficient UI/UX design for social networks of different kinds
  • UI Animation. Microinteraction for Macroresult. The article considering use and purpose of interface animation in UI/UX design in the aspect of efficient microinteractions. Supported with practical ideas and examples from Tubik Studio team.
  • FAQ Design Platform. Diversity of the Job. The fresh set of frequently asked questions about design in new FAQ Design Platform issue. This time it reviewed popular questions about different aspects of digital design as a job. Based on Tubik Studio answers at Quora.
  • Weather in UI Design. Come Rain or Shine. The article about some principles and practical ideas about UI design for weather applications and widgets. Supported with weather concepts by Tubik Studio designers.
  • Project Management. Design Process Backstage. The article considering the role of project management in the successful design process. Here we gathered some important points and practical tips from Tubik Studio Project Manager.
  • Case Study: Saily App. Designing UI. The second case study about the design for Saily App. This time it is devoted to the description of user interface design for the application and packed with loads of images and animations to show more about the process.

Tubik Studio designer

As usual, we had a lot of every day bright and memorable moments of teamwork, communication, creativity, and rest, posted regularly for our over 15K followers in studio Instagram page.

tubik studio designer

Also, we shared our ideas and thoughts via Medium and Quora and kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter and Flipboard.


So, leaving one more dynamic month behind, all the team is full of inspiration looking forward to new interesting and active work.

Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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