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Tubik Monthly Review. April 2016

Fresh issue of Tubik Monthly Review. Design news, shots, articles and events experienced by studio team in April. UI/UX design, branding, graphic design.

One more month has brought interesting projects, active work, productive discussions, inspiring communication, creative search and bright memories. As usual, we start a new month with a quick review of what has already been done, so let’s look through some of April’s achievements.

Traditionally, we will start with a set of Dribbble shots presented by studio designers. 

tubikstudio ui animation

Animated Interactions 

tubik studio swiftybeaver landing

SwiftyBeaver Landing Page 

swiftybeaver logo

SwiftyBeaver Logo 

brmc website tubik_studio

BRMC Website

invision prototyping tubikstudio

Prototyping with InVision 

ui animation cafe app tubikstudio

Cafe Coupon App 

BRMC website animation tubikstudio

BRMC Website – Animation 

tubikstudio weather app

Weather Icons Presentation 

tubikstudio graphic design ui

Mascot Magic in Branding 

tubikstudio animation character

Daily Stuff 

tubikstudio graphic design illustration

Ryiadh Tour Guide

design studio bjorn website

Björn Studio 

tubikstudio ui app design

Visual Perception. Icons vs Copy 

Also, we have presented new studio work on Behance, this time showing the set of interfaces featuring app design with custom weather icons and illustrations.

Behance presentation icons-tubikstudio-1


Weather icons Behance presentation

We also have published some new articles with our ideas on general and specific design issues here in Tubik Blog. In case you have missed out on any of them, here’s the list of what were the themes to discuss in April:

  • Graphic Design. Communication Beyond Words. The article about the basic aspects of modern graphic design as a professional sphere. Here we consider the definition of graphic design, its directions, skills and qualities needed for work and also support all that stuff with examples created by studio designers.
  • Tubik Reading List on Design. Issue 3. New set of recommended fresh articles about various UI/UX design issues as well as the short review for a design book of the week. 
  • Design Tool Review. Prototyping with InVision. The review of the popular prototyping tool for designers. Analysis of practical benefits of InVision for creating efficient workflow and user-friendly designs.
  • 10 TED-Talks for Creative People. The fresh set of inspiring and informative TED-talks. This time 10 recommended speeches from experts are focused on diverse aspects of creativity. Enjoy watching!
  • Mascot Magic. Personifying Your Brand. The article about mascots as the design element with a strong potential in brand and content management. Here we consider the main advantages and requirements to efficient mascots.
  • Visual Perception. Icons vs Copy in UI. The article analyzing relations between copy and icons in app and web user interfaces in the perspective of natural visual perception. Supported with practical design examples and recommended reading.


This month we also actively shared our ideas and experience answering questions about design issues on Quora. Here are the most popular ones covered in April:

Why are illustrations important for UX design?

– Why hasn’t Facebook updated their UI to a more modern design?

– In UIs, do people recognize icons faster than words?

– Why is it important for UX designers to work in teams?

– What is graphic design?

tubik on quora

April brought many unforgettable moments of collaboration, creativity, and friendship which we actively shared with our followers in studio Instagram page.

Tubik Studio designer UX screens

Getting closer to the global design community as well as everyone interested in this sphere, we shared our ideas and experience via Medium and kept everyone updated with studio news via via Twitter and Facebook.

Also in April studio team was featured in the article Photo Tour of Tubik Studio revealing a bit of studio history as well as everyday routine and work conditions in the WhatPixel Blog.

tubikstudio graphic designer

One more month went into history but brought fresh prospects and new aims, which we are keen to realize in new projects, concepts, meetings, and articles. Get inspired!

Welcome to check designs by Tubik on Dribbble and Behance; explore the gallery of 2D and 3D art by Tubik Arts on Dribbble

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