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Behance Portfolio Reviews Dnipro. Great Power of Inspiration

Design events are important for the career in designer's life. Some memories about the event for designers hosted by Tubik Studio - Behance Portfolio Review

In the previous articles, providing our tips for beginning designers and our vision of “must and mustn’t” in design job, we have already mentioned that it is very important for designers to take an active part in various professional events. They enable their participants to communicate alive with other designers, to listen to the speeches of masters in the field, get some tips and guides from them and ask questions about their work and routine. Visiting events, conferences and meetups make possible to feel new trends in design and IT, to socialize with the people who have the same interests and problems, to discuss new tools and technologies, ways of project management and time management an so on and so forth.

Taking all that into account, Tubik Studio is a permanent participant of various events in the design world. We have already told you here in our Blog about Dribbble Meetup in Lviv which became a great memory in our studio life among different others, already numerous so far.

Tubik Studio on the conference

Tubik Studio takes part at the design conference “The Anatomy of Design”


Moreover, our studio CEO Sergey Valiukh is often invited to be a speaker at these meetings and he is always ready to share his experience with other designers and managers. For example, recently together with Tubik Studio designers, he went to Kiev to take part as a speaker at IT-Weekend conference and the judge of IT-Awards competition. The event was hosted by SoftServe company and gathered people working in the sphere of IT and design from both different parts of Ukraine and other countries. That was a great chance to communicate with the colleagues, discuss global and local trends, share opinions about tools and innovations, present own ways of work and collaboration, get into new connections and discuss new future cooperation prospectives.


IT weekend

Tubik Studio at IT-Weekend


The discussion of the latest event also got all the members of the studio back to memories of the day that became special in the history of Tubik as it was the first event which we hosted and organized by ourselves. It was Behance Portfolio Reviews Dnipropetrovsk that was held in May 2015 and became the bright and interesting meeting for experienced and beginning designers.


Behance Portfolio Reviews are the set of events in different countries of the world organized by Behance, the worldwide network of sites and services aimed at self-promotion and presentation of creative people. This network, owned by Adobe, is not just a platform where creators can present their work and customers can find whom to hire for their projects. What is more, it is a great community and amazing spot for development. One of the ways to prove it are Behance Portfolio Reviews regularly organized in different countries of the world.


Tubik Studio Behance


This spring Tubik Studio was a host of Behance Portfolio Reviews in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. On the one hand, this experience was exciting and inspiring, on the other hand, it was a responsible job and we wanted to support this useful and significant initiative by Behance in design community of Ukraine.


The preparations and discussions started much earlier, in the beginning of winter, and all the team was full of inspiration. Special lettering was created, we started sharing the information about the event via our social accounts and think over the program so that it could be interesting both for beginners and experienced designers. Also, the studio announced that it started acceptance of the portfolios by designers, best of which were going to be awarded with special prizes from Behance. They had been accepted almost up to the date of the event and reviewed by the team of professional designers as judges.


Tubik Studio Behance lettring

Tubik Studio Behance lettering


Later in spring, the speakers were invited to give speeches. They were well-known and experienced persons in the sphere of design and IT from different cities of Ukraine. When all the program was agreed, there was a pleasant surprise – the parcel with the special Event Kit from Behance.


Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance


The great day came on the 16th of May which was full of spring, sun, pleasant communication, useful information and positive emotions. The event took place in the art-center Ya-Gallery right in the heart of Dnipropetrovsk and up to the moment of the first speech start it was full with people keen to get deep into the atmosphere of design and creativity.


Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance


There were five speakers who presented their thoughts and ideas to the audience. The first speech was made by Taras Shypka from the team of SoftServe Design. He presented the general flow of points designers should think about when they want to make design not only their hobby or self-expression but also a business. As usual, his speech was full of jokes he is so famous for, being a speaker who can tell funny about very serious things.


Tubik Studio Behance

Taras Shypka, SoftServe Design


The second speech was presented by one more member of SoftServe team, Marian Mota. He gave a very informative and deeply practical speech on their team experience of work in design sprints and considered advantages and benefits of this methods.


Tubik Studio Behance

Marian Mota, SoftServe Design


The speech presented by the head of Yalantis team, Bogdan Pryshedko shared a lot of interesting information about the tools and resources their team uses for different projects. He provided a quite detailed list and analysis with clear recommendations and examples.


Tubik Studio Behance

Bogdan Pryshedko, Yalantis


The next speech was presented by Dmitriy Chuta, the leader of Chapps design team. He shared the experience of their studio about how they train new designers so that juniors could become productive and confident in short terms.


Tubik Studio Behance

Dmitriy Chuta, Chapps


The final speech was made by the host of the event and the CEO of Tubik Studio Sergey Valiukh, who presented his ideas about modern trends in web and app design and described how the architectural approach is useful in this sphere.


Tubik Studio Behance

Sergey Valiukh, Tubik Studio


All the speakers were open to answer any questions from the audience and gave a lot of practical tips to beginners in the sphere of IT and design. So the meeting was full of interesting discussions.


Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance


During the coffee break, all the participants had the possibility to communicate and discuss everything they had heard, to make additional questions to speakers and share their own ideas.


Tubik Studio Behance


The second part of the event was devoted to the review of portfolios. Among all the portfolios sent to the studio, 15 were defined as leaders, and two designers were awarded with special prizes from Behance, one of which was the original book from Behance “Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work” and the second – the main prize – was the free subscription on Adobe Creative Cloud.


The event was obviously bright and memorable and gave us not only precious moments of communication and education, but also valuable experience in hosting such events and organization of special time and place for the designers keen to feel the atmosphere of modern design community at the international level. Although our team are keen representatives of an online Behance network, presenting our designs and concepts there regularly, this time it was something new and amazing.


Tubik Studio Behance

The speakers of Behance Portfolio Reviews Dnipropetrovsk


Tubik Studio Behance


All the process of preparation and conducting the event made us grateful to Behance for such a chance to get inspired and feel ourselves a part of the global design community. And, surely, got us full of new ideas!

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