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Tubik Monthly Review. February

The post presents February monthly review of UI/UX app/web designs by Tubik Studio collecting the brightest shots, articles and everyday moments of the month.

One more month full of work and inspiration slipped away in Tubik Studio and, as usual, we are ready to review what has been done here.


February brought new various shots on our Dribbble page, full of bright colors, funny characters and lively animation. Let’s take a look on them.


Tubik studio product animation video

Passfold video presentation 


tubik studio widget interface

Box Delivery Widget 


tubikstudio UI stats concept

Stats Concept


illustration by tubikstudio

Sheriff Foxx Character 


tubikstudio library widget

Library Widget


tubik studio app ui design

Gift Panic App


tubikstudio teamwork designers

Freelance vs Teamwork 



Underwater Explorer 


tubik fashion ui design

Bonano e-commerce 


Tubik Studio news app ui

Science News app 


tubikstudio illustration UI

Illustration in UI 


tubikstudio space wallpapers

Free Space Wallpapers 


tubik studio page 404

Tubik Studio | Page 404


monsters tubikstudio illustration

Monsters Stickers Set 


tubik studio character animation

Monster Sticker animation


We have also published new articles about UI/UX design, illustration and graphic design, work routine organization and inspiration. In case you could have missed something accidentally, here is the full scope of what we posted here in February:


  • Design Workstyle. Freelance vs Teamwork. The article considering benefits and drawbacks of freelance and teamwork in the sphere of design. Based on practical experience of Tubik Studio designers.
  • 30 Quotes on User-centered Interaction Design. The new set of wise and deep tips from experts in Tubik Studio Quotes Collection. Helpful considerations on user-centered interaction design.
  • Illustration in UI. Art in Action. Illustration is one of the great ways to enhance positive user experience in web and app UI/UX design. The article considers basic features of an efficient interface illustration as well as popular practices.
  • 20 TED-talks for Designers. Inspiration Full of Thoughts. Inspiration is one of the key factors of productivity, especially when obtained from the experts. Here is the set of 20 inspirational, wise and informative TED-talks for creative people.
  • Color in UI Design. Look on the Bright Side. Color is obviously one of the strongest tools for creating efficient and attractive UI design. The article collects some tips from Tubik Studio designer about the aspects of color choice and combination in app and web interfaces.

tubikstudio design blog

Traditionally, the month brought tons of bright and memorable moments of teamwork, communication, inspiration, brainstorming and rest, posted regularly for our followers in studio Instagram page.


tubik studio designers


In addition, we shared our ideas and thoughts via Medium, WordPress and Quora and kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter, Tumblr and Flipboard.


tubik studio sketch photo


So, getting energy from the work already done, thoughts by experts and bright moments of everyday life, we are opening the new month as well as spring season ready for fruitful and inspired work as well as new publications here in studio blog.

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance