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Design4Users Blog. Official Release

The article announces the release of Design4Users, a content-driven platform devoted to diverse design issues solving users' problems and created by Tubik team.

Here in Tubik Studio, we have had the opportunity to create a considerable number of design stories, all so different and so unique. It gave us the chance to feel all the benefits and pitfalls of design provided in terms of an outsourcing partnership. To go further and get even closer to final users, to feel all the pains of our clients and all the variety of steps needed for creating an efficient product out of thin air, we have decided to take the next step and launch our own digital products.

Today we are happy to announce the release of our first product called Design4Users. It is a content-driven professional platform fully created by the studio team from the ideation and concept phase, to creating branding, developing content strategy and communication model, designing logic and layout (UX), original interface and navigation (UI), providing a full-cycle of front-end development and creating a responsive web design, careful testing, and thoughtful content writing.

TUBIK_webdesign design4users blog

Welcome to get a bit more details about the project.


Mission and background


Design4Users is a blog devoted to diverse design issues solving users’ problems. Its mission is establishing a solid highly informative platform for designers, customers, managers, product creators, and marketing specialists focused on the aspects of user-friendly design trends, process, organization, collaboration, resources, and tips.

One more objective of the blog is promoting and inspiring young designers and sharing the expertise of well-known masters in the sphere.

Initially, the blog was created as a small in-studio platform for sharing useful information on current projects as well as helpful resources, tools, design hacks, inspirational collections, etc. Still, the growing and active Tubik Blog readers community encouraged us to transform it into an open platform and share our knowledge, practical experience, tips on tools and sources, projects, and concepts we find inspiring. And all of them have one thing in common: they are concentrated on design for problem-solving, on helping users, and making their life brighter, easier, more productive, more profitable, and more beautiful.

design4users logo


Description and functionality

The website is organized around several basic categories reflecting different design directions.

design4users screen


Design: the broadest category focused on general design trends and strategies. It also features reviews for design books and tools, sets of quotes, a historical retrospectives on design trends, recommendations about useful resources and articles, stories about designers and projects, advice on organization and management of design processes and efficient collaboration with clients, etc.

Branding: the category considering various issues of design for branding and marketing, creating identity, logo design, copywriting and brand naming, marketing research, and content management tips.

UI/UX: the category focused on the comprehensive presentation of design processes via practical case studies and articles about design for digital products like websites and mobile applications. Covers a variety of topics about user interfaces, user experience, user research, usability testing, interaction design, applying psychology and analytics in the design process, organizing effective teamwork for complex design projects.

Product: the category offering articles and reviews on a full cycle of product design, development, and promotion, tips on creating user-friendly problem-solving products, cases of improving lifestyle, professional processes, and achieving business goals for products by means of design.

Print: the category concentrated on all the variety of design directions and techniques for editorials and books, aspects of graphic design, illustration, typography and lettering, small print forms like postcards, invitations, posters, etc.

design4users tablet view

All the categories can feature posts marked as original D4U sections.


  • D4U Inspiration: thematic collections of design works, quotes, videos
  • D4U Interview: interviews with people connected to the design sphere, inspiring leaders, newcoming stars etc.
  • D4U Review: books and tools reviews
  • D4U Expertise: presentations of recognized experts in the design sphere, their biographies, works, tips, videos, and publications.
  • D4U Reading List: collections of recommended articles about from various resources published weekly
  • D4U History: posts about prominent cases and works in the sphere of design in historic retrospective.
  • D4U Case Study: practical case studies giving details on the creative process for different design projects.


Design and Layout


Design of the website is accomplished with a view to the effective presentation of both copy and visual materials that are provided in a wide variety. The basic background of the web pages is dark, aiming at creating stylish harmony and balance for featured images in preview sections and contract with the light background for the article body supporting better usability and readability of copy blocks.

The home page features two blocks of articles: the most popular according to the total number of views and recent, showing the chronological feed of posting.

design4users blog Tubik-Studio

The users are provided with the ability to switch to another category immediately from the top menu, footer menu and dynamic menu moving in the process of scrolling and making navigation easy. The articles are supported with tags and recommendations on further reading.

Subscription is fast and simple, enabling users to get the fresh updates immediately after publishing in their inboxes. Also, readers are able to share the content to a variety of social networks right from the article in split seconds.

Welcome to see more details about design for the website in the extended Behance presentation



Design4Users is the content project fully created, designed, and developed by Tubik Studio. Being a comprehensive team experienced in a variety of design directions and knowing all the stones on the path, we have decided to set a platform uniting creators via knowledge, practice, and inspiration for the sake of design for users.


For those who are interested to get more about the website structure and content in a more interactive way, welcome to watch Design4USers Video Tour.



If you wish to see details and contact information about Design4Users, welcome to check out the Press Kit.

In the next post, we will provide a case study on the design process for the website. Stay tuned and join us via Design4Users!

Welcome to Design4Users

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