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Design for Business. Free E-Book by Tubik Team

Studio team presents the first issue of Tubik Magazine collection. Free ebook "Design for Business" is devoted to user-friendly design solving business tasks.

Designers are often people involved directly in business processes via their job. Knowing the basics of this field makes a designer stronger and more productive in terms of the objectives set for particular projects. This sort of knowledge gets a designer closer to both client and the final user of the digital product. With our experience, we would like to share ideas and thoughts on the theme, for the sake of the global design community creating more and more products both user-friendly and solving business tasks. In this first issue of Tubik Magazine, the collection of free e-books on design issues, readers are offered the set of basic business terms defined and analyzed in the aspect of design.

Hopefully, it will be useful to build successful and productive strategies both for designers working for business and e-commerce and business people wishing to get more about design techniques and their impact on business processes. Enjoy reading and feel free to share the book with those whom it may concern.

To download the book in PDF, welcome here

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