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Tubik Lab: the way from concept to real service

The article on Tubik Lab service by Tubik Studio. The history of creating a studio platform for selling and buying design products. Full set of design process.

Here on our blog we have already told you about interesting projects we accomplished for our customers. But today’s post is about the long-term in-house project we have done in Tubik Studio with a view to creating an additional pitch for designers to present and sell their works.


Being a design studio that is always trying to improve and develop, we decided to set tighter connection with designers, buyers and users making this process as broad as possible. The great way to try it was to get more comprehensive experience and create something for ourselves that we would be able to design, use, analyze, test and improve from the very start. The first step on this path was work on design for our site and blog to share more with customers, users and other designers. However, that was not the only step we dream to make.


After some period of hard, inspirational and active teamwork on a wide variety of projects, Tubik Studio CEO Sergey Valiukh and CFO Valentyn Khenkin started thinking about one more important project to be called Tubik Lab. It was considered as the original product by Tubik Studio to create a platform for presentation, selling and buying design produced by the studio designers. The more projects and concepts Tubik Studio designers created, the more often the idea of Tubik Lab service was discussed and analyzed. It didn’t take a long time to decide on practical realization of this service.


Tubik LAb by Tubik Studio


The basic idea of Tubik Lab was to make the place for promotion and purchasing in-house design products. Designers in the studio work not only on real projects but also create a lot of concepts and graphic elements like icons or interface animation. They actively present them on specialized design platforms such as Dribbble and Behance. These platforms are great places for creating portfolios and getting in touch with potential customers. However, if somebody wants to buy, let’s say, icons or a UI kit, it could be more convenient to do it on the sites which are created and tested specially for these aims. It can make the process of buying and selling much faster and exclude unnecessary steps.


It should be also mentioned that the project of Tubik Lab have never had any aim to create a sort of unique product in the field and compete with well-established, effective and promoted platforms such as Envato, Creative Market or UI8. Moreover, being aware of all their benefits and inspired by their efficiency, Tubik Studio has also got the shops on Creative Market and Envato. The idea behind Tubik Lab was to try the challenge of building up the original and simple product first of all for special studio needs and goals, including the prospects of creating more functionality in the future. Studio managers wanted to try creating this kind of platform so that the designers could have additional possibilities to present studio products while the buyers could get everything they need easily. In addition, the original service would give the studio new experience in comprehensive design and support as well as the chance of testing the service in all the stages.




Therefore, the idea was formed, the traditional studio brainstorm sessions gave loads of details to keep in mind and the process was launched. The designer, who took over most work on this in-studio project, was Valentyn Khenkin.

He carried out the careful research of similar services as well as market needs of the target audience. Afterward, the intensive and rigorous process of design started. Now it has already crossed its finish line. It is targeted for studio designers’ work first of all, but in the future, it will also be ready to support any designers who would like to present their works to buyers in such a way.


Tubik Lab by Tubik Studio


Tubik Lab by Tubik Studio


To provide the general description, Tubik Lab is created as a multipurpose platform for designers of any kind and buyers who are interested in acquiring design concepts or ready-made elements. Everything is designed with the main aim: to make it easy, a fast and convenient place where designers and buyers could achieve their goals. Here designers will be able to present and sell UI/UX kits, icons, mockups, templates, concepts and any other product of design activity. And buyers will get clear product descriptions, pleasantly-looking catalogs and simple way from product to payment. The features defined as the most important from the earliest stages of design are high usability, utility, and simplicity.


Tubik Studio


The sign-up process is simple as basically it is accomplished in one click through any of mostly used social services like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. After registration, the user will be also able to set the e-mail in account settings so that the notifications could be sent to update the user about the news of the service.


To guide designers and customers, a simple horizontal menu is used to show basic categories of the products. As graphic products are the basis for the site functionality, they are made the center of attention. That means that the site uses light and neutral background to make the presentation of items preview convenient and the customers are never distracted by any other non-functional elements of the layout.


The product page was also designed to be clear and concise. It includes all the information needed for the customer about the product being viewed.


Tubik Studio


The most important feature the designer worked on thoroughly was to make the fast and easy process of buying the product. He managed to simplify the process to three-four clicks without any distracting details or steps. All the functional elements are carefully thought-out and tested to create the pleasant user experience for buyers.


Tubik Studio


Now the smallest details and features are being polished and tested, so Tubik Studio is going to launch the service in work very soon.


Work on this in-studio project gave us valuable experience of feeling all the sides of the project in practice being both creators of the service and designers who can use the service. And at the same time, knowing the specific features of the design market, we could test it as potential buyers using the service to purchase some design stuff like UI and UX kits, templates, icons and others. So, we hope that in the future our idea, now getting its real life, will be interesting and useful not only for studio designers but also everybody who cares and wants to present their work in design sphere.

Welcome to see works by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance